1938 Bloomington Bloomers Roster

Illinois-Iowa-Indiana League (IIIL) - Class: B
Team Record: 56-65
7th in the IIIL
Manager: Bob O'Farrell (56-65)
Location: Bloomington, Illinois
Ballpark: Fans Field
Attendance: 24,368, Avg. 403
1938 Bloomington Bloomers Statistics

The Bloomington Bloomers of the Illinois-Iowa-Indiana League ended the 1938 season with a record of 56 wins and 65 losses, seventh in the IIIL.

Bob O'Farrell served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Budd AdamsL5'11"180
Dean McCrossin
Ralph MeadRR6'2"188
Milton Mullen
Bob O'FarrellRROctober 19, 18965'9"180Waukegan, IL US
Pat RalshRRJuly 24, 19146'5"190Springfield, IL US
Bill RuckerRJune 29, 19156'4"200Belle Plaine, IA US
Robert SchremserRR6'1"180Decatur, IL US
Joe SkurskiRMarch 1, 19125'11"165
Douglas Stack
Ernest TalosR6'1"170
Ernie ToraasonFebruary 6, 1914, WI US
Ray WallenRR6'1"197
Gill WilsonR6'0"150
Norman MartinJanuary 15, 1922Banner, IL US
Russell LoafmanLL6'3"190
Walter KnickmeyerRR6'1"187
Louis AhlfRR6'2"180
Karl AltoRDecember 14, 19165'11"170
William AndersonR5'11"178
Eldred BrittsanR6'0"167
Wilbur BuchananRJune 3, 19115'9"178
Carl DorleyRFebruary 16, 19085'7"176
Gordon FothRSeptember 21, 19165'11"171
Charles GerlachL6'1"182
Jim GoffLLMay 13, 19126'2"180
Jack HallettRRNovember 13, 19146'4"215Toledo, OH US
Mercer HarrisLFebruary 15, 19126'1"178
John HendricksAugust 7, 1916Farmersville, IL US
Chico HernándezRRJanuary 3, 19166'0"195La Habana, La Habana CU
George KadisLLOctober 1, 19166'0"175Worcester, MA US
Stanley KloresLMay 3, 19176'1"195Milwaukee, WI US

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