1999 Chico Heat Roster

Western League (WL) - Independent
Team Record: 63-27
Finished 1st in the WL
Manager: Bill Plummer (63-27)
Location: Chico, California
Ballpark: Nettleton Stadium
Attendance: 126,525, Avg. 2,812 in 45 home dates
1999 Chico Heat Statistics

Playoffs - Chico Heat 3 games, Reno BlackJacks 2
Finals - Tri-City Posse 3 games, Chico Heat 1

The Chico Heat of the Western League ended the 1999 season with a record of 63 wins and 27 losses, finishing first in the WL.

The Heat paced the league with just 435 runs allowed. Chico scored 610 runs. Terrel Hansen and Tim Cooper led the squad with 19 home runs apiece. Bo Durkac recorded 77 runs batted in. Mike Nadeau topped batters with significant playing time with a .345 average. Chris White paced the squad with 10 wins, while Tom Bergan recorded a 2.94 ERA, best among regular hurlers. Bill Plummer served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Brian ArntzenRRJanuary 8, 19706'3"205Monterey, CA US
Joel ArroyoRRJuly 16, 19766'0"208Ponce, PR
Tom BerganRRSeptember 21, 19736'1"205Everett, WA US
Adam BryantRRDecember 27, 19716'6"225Bristol, PA US
Tim CooperRRMarch 10, 19716'3"190Sacramento, CA US
Bo DurkacSRDecember 12, 19726'1"205Kittanning, PA US
Andrew FriersonLLAugust 11, 19756'5"250San Francisco, CA US
Jon FullerRRMay 7, 19696'1"210Tacoma, WA US
Levi FunderburkRRSeptember 17, 19706'6"240Encino, CA US
Brad GennaroLLAugust 2, 19716'1"175San Rafael, CA US
Guy GiuffreRRJanuary 18, 19745'10"205San Jose, CA US
Terrel HansenRRSeptember 25, 19666'3"210Bremerton, WA US
D. J. JohnsonRROctober 6, 19746'3"220Pawhuska, OK US
Phil KernanLRDecember 20, 19726'3"180Minneapolis, MN US
Jake KringenLLJune 25, 19766'2"215Stirling, VA US
Erik LazerusRRDecember 12, 19725'8"160Santa Monica, CA US
Joey MaddenRRFebruary 1, 19716'4"190San Francisco, CA US
Brian MartineauRRDecember 16, 19746'2"205Riverside, CA US
Aaron MayerRRAugust 13, 19746'6"230Minneapolis, MN US
Josh MontgomeryRRJanuary 14, 19716'5"210Redwood City, CA US
Mike MoutreyRRAugust 30, 19745'8"150Torrance, CA US
Mike NadeauRRAugust 31, 19735'9"180Portland, OR US
Chris NeierRRNovember 19, 19716'4"205Mountain View, CA US
Josh OsbornRRAugust 31, 19756'3"180
Petie RoachLLSeptember 19, 19706'2"180Redding, CA US
Shawn ScottSRJanuary 9, 19695'10"160Baton Rouge, LA US
Ken ShamburgRRJanuary 31, 19676'2"215Redding, CA US
Jeff SobkoviakRRAugust 22, 19716'7"225Watseka, IL US
Hank SprinkleRLDecember 16, 19715'10"180Galesburg, IL US
Colin StewartRRSeptember 2, 19766'2"185San Jose, CA US
Tony StoecklinRLSeptember 10, 19706'1"175Greenville, IL US
Joe WallaceRRDecember 13, 19745'11"200San Bruno, CA US
Chris WhiteRRSeptember 15, 19696'0"180Richmond, VA US

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.

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