1989 Canton-Akron Indians Roster

Eastern League (EL) - Class: AA
Team Record: 70-69
Finished 3rd in the EL
Manager: Bob Molinaro (70-69)
Affiliation: Cleveland Indians
Location: Akron, Ohio; Canton, Ohio
Ballpark: Thurman Munson Stadium
Attendance: 203,986, Avg. 2,935
1989 Canton-Akron Indians Statistics

Playoffs - Harrisburg Senators 3 games, Canton-Akron Indians 2

The Canton-Akron Indians of the Eastern League ended the 1989 season with a record of 70 wins and 69 losses, finishing third in the EL.

The Canton- Indians scored 584 runs and conceded 558 runs. Troy Neel led Akron with 21 home runs, while Albert Belle walloped 15 or more, too. Beau Allred drove in 75 runs and topped all regular hitters with a .303 average. Greg McMichael paced the squad with 11 wins and a team-best 3.49 earned run average, tops among regular hurlers.

Troy Neel, Jeff Shaw, Jim Bruske, Ever Magallanes, Ken Dixon, Albert Belle, Tim Stoddard, Mark Lewis, Tom Kramer, Cory Snyder, Efrain Valdez, Turner Ward, Beau Allred, Kevin Bearse, Charles Nagy, Rich Surhoff, Tom Magrann, Greg McMichael and Dwight Taylor were all players from the 1989 Canton-Akron Indians who played in the Major Leagues during their careers.

Bob Molinaro served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Beau AllredLLJune 4, 19656'0"190Mesa, AZ US
Kevin BearseLLNovember 7, 19656'2"195Jersey City, NJ US
Albert BelleRRAugust 25, 19666'1"190Shreveport, LA US
Dan BoeverRRMay 8, 19616'2"190Vermillion, SD US
Jim BruskeRROctober 7, 19646'1"185East St. Louis, IL US
Sherwin CijntjeLLMarch 2, 19646'0"170, CW
Al CollinsRFebruary 3, 19656'0"175
Ken DixonSROctober 17, 19605'11"166Monroe, VA US
Jeff EdwardsLJune 27, 19636'2"195
Greg FerlendaRAugust 7, 19646'1"185
Sam FerrettiRRAugust 25, 19655'9"175
Lindsay FosterSRFebruary 7, 19676'3"175Greensboro, NC US
Mark GillesRJune 12, 19646'2"190
Todd GonzalesRLNovember 17, 19646'4"200
Carl KeliipuleoleLRJanuary 17, 19666'0"200, GU
Scott KhouryLLJuly 18, 19635'10"190
Tom KramerSRJanuary 9, 19686'0"185Cincinnati, OH US
Paul KuzniarRAugust 11, 19656'1"195
Jose LeivaRRAugust 11, 19635'11"170, Bolivar VE
Mark LewisRRNovember 30, 19696'1"190Hamilton, OH US
Al LiebertLROctober 28, 19675'10"195Waukegan, IL US
Ever MagallanesLRNovember 6, 19655'10"165El Sauz, Chihuahua MX
Tom MagrannRRDecember 9, 19636'3"177Hollywood, FL US
Julius McDougalSRMay 3, 19636'2"185Jackson, MI US
Greg McMichaelRRDecember 1, 19666'3"215Knoxville, TN US
Charles NagyLRMay 5, 19676'3"200Bridgeport, CT US
Troy NeelLRSeptember 14, 19656'4"210Freeport, TX US
Todd OgdenRRDecember 10, 19656'1"195
Jim OrsagLRMarch 19, 19646'2"195
Mike PoehlRRAugust 28, 19646'5"195
Benny RuizRRJuly 10, 19616'0"170
Charlie ScottRRJanuary 5, 19646'5"215San Rafael, CA US
Jeff ShawRRJuly 7, 19666'2"185Washington Court House, OH US
Cory SnyderRRNovember 11, 19626'4"175Inglewood, CA US
Tim StoddardRRJanuary 24, 19536'7"230East Chicago, IN US
Rich SurhoffRROctober 3, 19626'3"210Bronx, NY US
Rob SwainRRMay 26, 19636'0"180
Dwight TaylorLLMarch 24, 19605'9"166Los Angeles, CA US
Mike TwardoskiLLJuly 13, 19645'11"185Niagara Falls, NY US
Efrain ValdezLLJuly 11, 19665'11"180Nizao, Peravia DO
Turner WardSRApril 11, 19656'2"200Orlando, FL US
Casey WebsterRRSeptember 16, 19636'0"200Oregon City, OR US
Delwyn YoungSROctober 4, 19635'10"180

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