1940 Dayton Wings Roster

Middle Atlantic League (MAL) - Class: C
Team Record: 60-65
4th in the MAL
Manager: Andy Cohen (60-65)
Affiliation: Brooklyn Dodgers
Location: Dayton, Ohio
Ballpark: Hudson Field
Attendance: 37,000, Avg. 592
1940 Dayton Wings Statistics

Playoffs - Dayton Wings 3 games, Charleston Senators 1
Finals - Akron Yankees 3 games, Dayton Wings 2

The Dayton Wings of the Middle Atlantic League ended the 1940 season with a record of 60 wins and 65 losses, fourth in the MAL.

Andy Cohen served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Frank AkersRRDecember 25, 19205'11"165
Billy MooreL5'9"160
Glen MoulderRRSeptember 28, 19176'0"180Cleveland, OK US
Clarence NachandRDecember 29, 19075'11"185, KY US
Kenneth PineRR6'3"193
Dykes PotterRRNovember 18, 19106'0"185Ashland, KY US
Virgil RickettsRRJanuary 19, 19196'0"175
Stan RojekRRApril 21, 19195'10"170North Tonawanda, NY US
Al SimononisRRDecember 1, 19195'8"175
Fernando Sola
John SoshR5'11"180
Clarence ThomasL5'11"150
Joaquin Vila
Henry MeyerRJuly 10, 19175'11"190
Bill McWilliamsRRNovember 28, 19106'1"180Dubuque, IA US
Vern Luse
Ed AlbostaRROctober 27, 19186'1"175Saginaw, MI US
Bill BurichRRMay 29, 19186'0"180Calumet, MI US
Charles CaseyR5'11"175
Marion CiborowskiRRAugust 1, 19185'10"170, MO US
Andy CohenRROctober 25, 19045'8"155Baltimore, MD US
Eugene Collette
Tony CotelleLLNovember 5, 19045'5"155St. James, LA US
Jack CrewJune 5, 1920Dayton, OH US
John Dorgan
Harvey EaderLDecember 8, 19175'11"160
Manuel FernandezRJanuary 4, 19206'0"193
Ray HathawayRROctober 13, 19166'0"165Greenville, OH US
Wallace HoyleR5'10"160
Chet KehnRROctober 30, 19215'11"168San Diego, CA US
Carl Lipp

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