1977 Evansville Triplets Roster

American Association (AA) - Class: AAA
Team Record: 65-68
Finished 3rd in the AA's East Division
Manager: Les Moss (65-68)
Affiliation: Detroit Tigers
Location: Evansville, Indiana
Ballpark: Bosse Field
Attendance: 110,663, Avg. 1,664
1977 Evansville Triplets Statistics

The Evansville Triplets of the American Association ended the 1977 season with a record of 65 wins and 68 losses, finishing third in the league's East Division.

The Triplets tallied 719 runs and allowed 660 runs. Lance Parrish paced Evansville with 25 home runs, while John Valle and Bob Molinaro walloped 20 or more also. Bob Molinaro drove in 91 runs and topped all regular batters by connecting at a .303 clip. Milt Wilcox and Roric Harrison paced the team with 9 wins each, and Milt Wilcox recorded a 2.44 ERA, leading hurlers with significant time on the mound.

Pat Underwood, Dave Tobik, Bob Molinaro, Ed Glynn, Jack Morris, Marv Lane, Milt Wilcox, Bruce Taylor, Art James, Jerry Manuel, Gene Lamont, Kip Young, George Cappuzzello, Roric Harrison, Mark Wagner, Tim Corcoran, Gary Christenson, Vern Ruhle, Dave Stegman, Tommy Bianco, Tom Brookens, Boots Day, Ike Brookens, Ray Bare, Dan Gonzales, Lance Parrish, Glenn Gulliver and Bob Adams were all players from the 1977 Evansville Triplets who played in the Majors during their careers.

Les Moss served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Bob AdamsRRJanuary 6, 19526'2"200Pittsburgh, PA US
Julio AlonsoRLApril 12, 19546'1"195, CU
Ray BareRRApril 15, 19496'2"185Miami, FL US
Tommy BiancoSRDecember 16, 19525'11"190Rockville Centre, NY US
Ike BrookensRRJanuary 3, 19496'5"170Chambersburg, PA US
Tom BrookensRRAugust 10, 19535'10"165Chambersburg, PA US
George CappuzzelloRLJanuary 15, 19546'0"175Youngstown, OH US
Gary ChristensonLLMay 5, 19536'5"200Mineola, NY US
Tim CorcoranLLMarch 19, 19535'11"175Glendale, CA US
Boots DayLLAugust 31, 19475'9"160Ilion, NY US
Jim EschenSRMay 25, 19505'11"170Port Jefferson, NY US
Bill FlowersLLJune 4, 19525'11"168New Brockton, AL US
Ed GlynnRLJune 3, 19536'2"180New York, NY US
Dan GonzalesLRSeptember 30, 19536'1"195Whittier, CA US
Glenn GulliverLROctober 15, 19545'11"175Detroit, MI US
Frank HarrisRRSeptember 20, 19556'3"185Miami, FL US
Roric HarrisonRRSeptember 20, 19466'3"195Los Angeles, CA US
Art JamesLLAugust 2, 19526'0"170Detroit, MI US
Gene LamontLRDecember 25, 19466'1"195Rockford, IL US
Marv LaneRRJanuary 18, 19505'11"180Sandersville, GA US
Jerry ManuelSRDecember 23, 19536'0"165Hahira, GA US
Michael MeyerroseRRNovember 23, 19516'3"190Batesville, IN US
Bob MolinaroLRMay 21, 19506'0"190Newark, NJ US
Jack MorrisRRMay 16, 19556'3"195St. Paul, MN US
Lance ParrishRRJune 15, 19566'3"210Clairton, PA US
Vern RuhleRRJanuary 25, 19516'1"185Coleman, MI US
Dave StegmanRRJanuary 30, 19545'11"190Inglewood, CA US
Bruce TaylorRRApril 16, 19536'0"178Holden, MA US
Dave TobikRRMarch 2, 19536'1"190Euclid, OH US
Pat UnderwoodLLFebruary 9, 19576'0"175Kokomo, IN US
John ValleRRSeptember 8, 19546'0"180
Bill VanBommelRRFebruary 15, 19526'5"210
Mark WagnerRRMarch 4, 19546'0"165Conneaut, OH US
Milt WilcoxRRApril 20, 19506'2"185Honolulu, HI US
Kip YoungRROctober 29, 19545'11"175Georgetown, OH US

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