1907 Fort Worth Panthers Roster

Texas League (TL) - Class: C
Team Record: 62-78
5th in the TL
Manager: Walter Salm (0-0), Walter Boles (0-0)
Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Ballpark: Old Panther Park

1907 Fort Worth Panthers Statistics

The Fort Worth Panthers of the Texas League ended the 1907 season with a record of 62 wins and 78 losses fifth in the TL. Walter Salm and Walter Boles served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Scudder BellFebruary 22, 1884
Art NaylorNovember 1, 1878, TX US
Dick NaylorNovember 9, 1883, TX US
Art PennellFebruary 10, 1881Orangeville, TX US
Terrell PulliamJuly 6, 1883
John Russell
Walter SalmRSeptember 14, 1882Toledo, OH US
Justin TouchstoneSeptember 20, 1888
Theodore VinsonMarch 19, 1883Holland, TX US
Ed WeberJune 7, 1890
Zack WheatLRMay 23, 18885'10"170Hamilton, MO US
Wallace Wheeler
Chief WilsonLRAugust 21, 18836'2"185Austin, TX US
Syl WrayDecember 23, 1878
Charles Merkel
Sparks McKayAugust 19, 1885
Walter BolesRRJune 26, 18855'9"150Chapman, KS US
Marvin BridgesRApril 1, 18786'2"225Bedford, TN US
Tom Carlin
Harry ClaytonFebruary 21, 1877, PA US
Alex DupreeJuly 4, 1879
Dan Gallagos, MX
James HallJuly 19, 1885
John Harris
E. T. Huff
Harry HuntRApril 9, 18745'10"165
Clarence LichtL
William Maddox
L. B. McAlester
Lucky WrightSeptember 9, 1876

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