1985 Fort Myers Royals Roster

Florida State League (FSL) - Class: A
Team Record: 82-57
1st in the FSL's West Division
Manager: Duane Gustavson (82-57)
Affiliation: Kansas City Royals
Location: Fort Myers, Florida
Ballpark: Terry Park
Attendance: 46,163, Avg. 664
1985 Fort Myers Royals Statistics

Playoffs - Fort Myers Royals 2 games, St. Petersburg Cardinals 1
Finals - Fort Myers Royals 3 games, Fort Lauderdale Yankees 1

The Fort Myers Royals of the Florida State League ended the 1985 season with a record of 82 wins and 57 losses, first in the league's West Division.

The Royals plated 607 runs and yielded 465 runs. Luis de los Santos recorded 48 runs batted in. Gary Thurman led all regular batters by connecting at a .302 clip. Phil George and Jose Rodiles topped the squad with 10 wins each, while Don Sparling recorded a 2.31 ERA, leading regular hurlers.

Jose de Jesus, Luis de los Santos, Dennis Leonard, Chito Martinez, Jose Nunez, Israel Sanchez, Kevin Seitzer and Gary Thurman were all players from the 1985 Fort Myers Royals who played in the Majors during their careers.

Duane Gustavson served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Tony AllenRRJune 13, 19646'4"190
Chito MartinezLLDecember 19, 19655'10"180Belize, BZ
Tom MohrL6'1"175
Michael MorenoRR5'8"165
Angel MorrisRRApril 22, 19636'3"195
Thomas NiemannRR6'0"190
Jose NunezRRJanuary 13, 19646'3"175Jarabacoa, La Vega DO
Tim RichardsonRR5'10"180
Jose RodilesRMarch 5, 19625'11"180
Israel SanchezLLAugust 20, 19635'9"170Falcon Lasvias, CU
Kevin SeitzerRRMarch 26, 19625'11"180Springfield, IL US
Theo ShawRRMay 30, 19606'0"200Cook County, FL US
Don SparlingRDecember 30, 19626'4"230
Gary ThurmanRRNovember 12, 19645'10"170Indianapolis, IN US
Mark Van BlaricomRRJanuary 21, 19645'11"175
Derek VanacoreRR5'11"165
Craig WalterR6'0"180
Todd MabeSRMarch 6, 19655'10"170
Jere LongeneckerRRNovember 8, 19616'0"185
Ed BassROctober 18, 19626'1"185
Hector BerriosLLNovember 1, 19655'10"170Santurce, PR
Jeff BrownRRAugust 28, 19626'0"200
Ken CrewRAugust 8, 19616'3"200
Jimmy DanielRJune 28, 19636'1"175
Bradley DavisSRSeptember 5, 19596'3"175Colorado Springs, CO US
Jose de JesusRRJanuary 6, 19656'5"175Brooklyn, NY US
Luis de los SantosRRDecember 29, 19666'5"205San Cristobal, San Cristobal DO
Phil GeorgeLMarch 25, 19645'11"190
Doug GilcreaseRRNovember 23, 19606'0"175
Jeffrey HullRRApril 13, 19655'11"160
Joe JarrellRRMarch 9, 19626'0"185
Tom JohnsonLLOctober 1, 19655'11"180
Mark KrynitskyRRFebruary 22, 19606'1"192
Tim LemonsRRMarch 23, 19626'5"210
Dennis LeonardRRMay 18, 19516'1"190Brooklyn, NY US
Reggie WyattL6'3"170

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