1950 Globe-Miami Browns Roster

Arizona-Texas League (AAL) - Class: C
Team Record: 48-102
6th in the AAL
Manager: Thornton Lee (48-102)
Location: Globe, Arizona; Miami, Arizona
Ballpark: O'Brien Park, O'Brien Park
Attendance: 47,388, Avg. 632
1950 Globe-Miami Browns Statistics

The Globe-Miami Browns of the Arizona-Texas League ended the 1950 season with a record of 48 wins and 102 losses, sixth in the AAL.

The Browns scored 971 runs, worst in the league, and surrendered 1264 runs, most in the circuit. Thornton Lee served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Andrew AdamsR6'3"200
Dick MilneRRJune 18, 19306'0"160Mammoth, UT US
Bob MorrisRRJune 24, 19276'0"170
Robert PaulsonRR6'1"175
Robert Petinak
Dick PiedmonteRRJanuary 4, 19286'1"175
Oscar SchultzL6'1"175
Bill StitesRRJune 25, 19266'4"190Kansas City, KS US
Harry StricklettRAugust 13, 19195'11"170
Gilbert TrejoROctober 24, 19265'9"150
Glen TresederLLJune 13, 19296'3"190Magna, UT US
William WhitehornRMay 3, 19256'1"210San Francisco, CA US
Blake WillisRRJuly 7, 19295'10"170Paducah, TX US
Ed ManningJanuary 2, 1929
Donald MaddernRRJanuary 31, 19306'1"170Bisbee, AZ US
Alton LeeRR6'1"170
Jack ArmitageL5'11"180
Bob BarbeauRRNovember 21, 19256'0"170
Talmadge BarronRR6'2"190
Ralph Bowman
Wayne Brock
Vern CampbellLRAugust 3, 19276'0"175Safford, AZ US
Vincent Caramagno
Berlin ClaridgeRRJuly 22, 19286'1"187Phoenix, AZ US
Elmer ClowRRDecember 6, 19275'10"170San Francisco, CA US
Jimmie DanielsRR5'11"175
George GruellRRFebruary 25, 19286'3"180
Rodrigo Jacobo
Art WorthLLFebruary 23, 19296'2"200Victoria, BC CA

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