1904 Grand Rapids Orphans Roster

Central League (CL) - Class: B
Team Record: 58-81
7th in the CL
Manager: Jack Flannery (0-0), Louis Heilbronner (0-0), Jack Morrissey (0-0)
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Ballpark: Loyalty Park, Ramona Park

1904 Grand Rapids Orphans Statistics

The Grand Rapids Orphans of the Central League ended the 1904 season with a record of 58 wins and 81 losses, seventh in the CL.

Jack Flannery, Louis Heilbronner and Jack Morrissey served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Clarence JessupJanuary 0, 1874Richmond, IN US
Erwin KoscheJune 9, 1882
Albert LinderbeckSeptember 27, 1876
Harry MartinMay 0, 1885Grand Rapids, MI US
James McClain
Henry MelchoirFebruary 25, 1880, NY US
Walt MillerRROctober 19, 18835'11"180Spiceland, IN US
Jack MorrisseySRMay 2, 18765'10"160Lansing, MI US
William Pearson
James Robinson
William Roland
Roy TorenROctober 26, 1881Grand Rapids, MI US
Carl HydeOctober 0, 1885
Casey Horn
Alex BackofOctober 3, 1878, MO US
Jimmy Barton, KY US
Bill Blakey
Billy BottenusLLApril 26, 1865Cincinnati, OH US
Sherman Bristow
Jack BufkaMay 0, 1884, MI US
Peter BurgAugust 18, 1880, IL US
Sam CobeanLFebruary 28, 1884
Buck ConnorsLJuly 23, 1879Port Huron, MI US
William Cooley
Bert FarrellApril 11, 1883, MI US
Jack FlanneryDecember 0, 1869, NY US
Charley Fox
John Geyer
Thomas Gilligan
B. I. Zukowski

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