1974 Iowa Oaks Roster

American Association (AA) - Class: AAA
Team Record: 74-62
Finished 2nd in the AA's East Division
Manager: Joe Sparks (74-62)
Affiliation: Chicago White Sox
Location: Des Moines, Iowa
Ballpark: Sec Taylor Stadium I
Attendance: 110,350, Avg. 1,623
1974 Iowa Oaks Statistics

The Iowa Oaks of the American Association ended the 1974 season with a record of 74 wins and 62 losses, finishing second in the league's East Division.

The Oaks led the league with 751 runs, fueled by 112 home runs. Iowa yielded 595 runs. Lamar Johnson paced the squad with 20 home runs, while Bill Stein, Pete Varney and Joseph Talley each walloped 15 or more, too. Lamar Johnson drove in 96 runs. Bill Stein topped batters with significant playing time by connecting at a .328 clip. Joe Henderson and Stan Perzanowski paced the squad with 13 wins each, and Mike Hedlund recorded a 2.9 ERA, best among regular hurlers.

Jim McAndrew, Bill Sharp, Steve Huntz, Bill Stein, Joe Henderson, Bart Johnson, Rich Hinton, Dave Lemonds, George Enright, Sam Ewing, Jim Geddes, Dave Baldwin, Stan Perzanowski, Jim Otten, Lamar Johnson, Leon Brown, Cy Acosta, Steve Blateric, Johnny Jeter, Pete Varney, Lloyd Allen, Jerry Hairston, Lee Richard, Nyls Nyman, Mike Hedlund, Mike Buskey, Wayne Granger, Ken Tatum and Hugh Yancy were all players from the 1974 Iowa Oaks who played in the Major Leagues during their careers.

Joe Sparks served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Cy AcostaRRNovember 22, 19465'10"165El Sabino, Sinaloa MX
Dan AdamsRRDecember 27, 19486'1"175
Lloyd AllenRRMay 8, 19506'1"185Merced, CA US
Dave BaldwinRRMarch 30, 19386'2"200Tucson, AZ US
Steve BlatericRRMarch 20, 19446'3"200Denver, CO US
Leon BrownRRNovember 16, 19486'0"185Sacramento, CA US
Mike BuskeyRRJanuary 13, 19495'11"160San Francisco, CA US
Bill CottonRROctober 20, 19475'10"195McCook, NE US
George EnrightRRMay 9, 19545'11"175New Britain, CT US
Stanton EvenhusRROctober 21, 19486'1"175Devils Lake, ND US
Sam EwingLLApril 9, 19496'3"200Lewisburg, TN US
Jim GeddesRRMarch 23, 19496'2"200Columbus, OH US
Wayne GrangerRRMarch 15, 19446'2"165Springfield, MA US
Jerry HairstonSRFebruary 16, 19525'10"170Birmingham, AL US
Mike HedlundRRAugust 11, 19466'1"182Dallas, TX US
Joe HendersonLRJuly 4, 19466'2"195Lake Cormorant, MS US
Rich HintonLLMay 22, 19476'2"185Tucson, AZ US
Steve HuntzSRDecember 3, 19456'1"204Cleveland, OH US
Johnny JeterRROctober 24, 19446'1"180Shreveport, LA US
Bart JohnsonRRJanuary 3, 19506'5"190Torrance, CA US
Lamar JohnsonRRSeptember 2, 19506'2"215Bessemer, AL US
David LeismanRRJune 14, 19506'5"195
Dave LemondsLLJuly 5, 19486'1"180Charlotte, NC US
Jim McAndrewRRJanuary 11, 19446'2"185Lost Nation, IA US
Toy McCordRRFebruary 17, 19475'9"165Sumter, SC US
Nyls NymanLRMarch 7, 19546'0"170Detroit, MI US
Jim OttenRRJuly 1, 19516'2"195Lewistown, MT US
Stan PerzanowskiSRAugust 25, 19506'2"170East Chicago, IN US
Jim RedmonRRJune 7, 19475'10"170
Lee RichardRRSeptember 18, 19485'11"165Lafayette, LA US
Danny RourkeRROctober 7, 19475'8"160
Duane ShafferRRSeptember 27, 19506'0"185
Bill SharpLLJanuary 18, 19505'10"178Lima, OH US
Jeff SovernRRSeptember 12, 19516'1"195
Bill SteinRRJanuary 21, 19475'10"170Battle Creek, MI US
Butch StinsonLLSeptember 11, 19516'2"175
Joseph TalleyLRAugust 16, 19486'0"190
Ken TatumRRApril 25, 19446'2"205Alexandria, LA US
Bobby TuckerRRApril 22, 19515'11"180Memphis, TN US
Pete VarneyRRApril 10, 19496'3"235Roxbury, MA US
Eddie WheelerRRJune 5, 19525'11"152
Hugh YancyRROctober 16, 19505'11"170Sarasota, FL US

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