Sec Taylor Stadium I

Also Known As: Pioneer Memorial Stadium 1949-1958; Riverside Park 1947-1948
Location: Des Moines, IA
At the junction of the Raccoon & Des Moines Rivers, Elm Street, SW Second Street, & Riverside Park.
Capacity: 5,000 (1949); 6,000 (1950); 4,800 (1961); 7,500 (1983); 8,000 (1988)
Dimensions (Left, Center, Right): 335-385-335 (1951); 330-410-330 (1969); 335-355-400-355-335 (1990)
The stadium, was built in 1947. The park was renamed Sec Taylor Stadium in 1965, in honor of Garner W. "Sec" Taylor, who served as sports editor for the Des Moines Register and Tribune for fifty years. The Iowa State Capitol building was visible over the LF fence. The park was torn down after the 1991 season. Last game set all-time single-game attendance record (10,000)
Used by: Des Moines Bruins, Des Moines Dodgers, Des Moines Demons, Iowa Oaks, Iowa Cubs

Following are the minor league baseball teams known to have played at Sec Taylor Stadium I:

1991Iowa CubsAmerican Association 27866308,8144,289RosterStats
1990Iowa CubsAmerican Association 27274270,2153,702RosterStats
1989Iowa CubsAmerican Association 26282252,2893,504RosterStats
1988Iowa CubsAmerican Association 27864279,0913,931RosterStats
1987Iowa CubsAmerican Association 26474257,8573,737RosterStats
1986Iowa CubsAmerican Association 27468257,9863,634RosterStats
1985Iowa CubsAmerican Association 26675269,5133,823RosterStats
1984Iowa CubsAmerican Association 28074275,1633,574RosterStats
1983Iowa CubsAmerican Association 27066255,8303,762RosterStats
1982Iowa CubsAmerican Association 27362203,1693,010RosterStats
1981Iowa OaksAmerican Association 25382124,3711,843RosterStats
1980Iowa OaksAmerican Association 25977126,9811,867RosterStats
1979Iowa OaksAmerican Association 26967136,1382,002RosterStats
1978Iowa OaksAmerican Association 26670121,5101,787RosterStats
1977Iowa OaksAmerican Association 26175124,1351,826RosterStats
1976Iowa OaksAmerican Association 26868124,5751,832RosterStats
1975Iowa OaksAmerican Association 25679108,1651,602RosterStats
1974Iowa OaksAmerican Association 27462110,3501,623RosterStats
1973Iowa OaksAmerican Association 28353126,0121,853RosterStats
1972Iowa OaksAmerican Association 2627889,4771,278RosterStats
1971Iowa OaksAmerican Association 27169130,3361,862RosterStats
1970Iowa OaksAmerican Association 27068133,9291,941RosterStats
1969Iowa OaksAmerican Association 26278129,4321,849RosterStats
1961Des Moines DemonsIllinois-Indiana-Iowa League379333,337513RosterStats
1960Des Moines DemonsIllinois-Indiana-Iowa League647453,828780RosterStats
1959Des Moines DemonsIllinois-Indiana-Iowa League784886,9231,380RosterStats
1958Des Moines DodgersWestern League618335,039487RosterStats
1957Des Moines BruinsWestern League609279,9651,052RosterStats
1956Des Moines BruinsWestern League726767,973978RosterStats
1955Des Moines BruinsWestern League777488,1811,168RosterStats
1954Des Moines BruinsWestern League8866113,6911,477RosterStats
1953Des Moines BruinsWestern League777898,9721,277RosterStats
1952Des Moines BruinsWestern League579762,597813RosterStats
1951Des Moines BruinsWestern League737894,1371,247RosterStats
1950Des Moines BruinsWestern League8470147,5491,916RosterStats
1949Des Moines BruinsWestern League7070210,2043,003RosterStats
1948Des Moines BruinsWestern League7664232,0383,315RosterStats
1947Des Moines BruinsWestern League7552152,0272,394RosterStats

Attendance listed indicates the total home attendance for the team even if it played in multiple home ballparks or additional cities in the same year.

Average attendance is based on half the team's total games being played at home.

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