1980 Iowa Oaks Roster

American Association (AA) - Class: AAA
Team Record: 59-77
Finished 3rd in the AA's East Division
Manager: Pete Ward (0-0), Sam Ewing (0-0)
Affiliation: Chicago White Sox
Location: Des Moines, Iowa
Ballpark: Sec Taylor Stadium I
Attendance: 126,981, Avg. 1,867
1980 Iowa Oaks Statistics

The Iowa Oaks of the American Association ended the 1980 season with a record of 59 wins and 77 losses, finishing third in the league's East Division.

The Oaks scored 581 runs and conceded 687 runs. Rusty Kuntz and Chris Nyman led Iowa with 11 home runs apiece. Rusty Kuntz drove in 54 runs. Chris Nyman paced all regular batters by connecting at a .257 clip. Nardi Contreras topped the team with 9 wins and a team-best 4.19 earned run average, best among regularly-used pitchers.

Members of the 1980 Iowa Oaks who played in Major League Baseball during their careers were Mike Colbern, Dewey Robinson, Joe Gates, Randy Johnson, Harry Chappas, Henry Cruz, Nardi Contreras, Reggie Patterson, Marv Foley, Randy Scarbery, Fran Mullins, Sam Ewing, Leo Sutherland, Glenn Borgmann, Pat Scanlon, LaMarr Hoyt, Rusty Kuntz, Bill Atkinson, Joe Zdeb, Rod Allen, Guy Hoffman, Chris Nyman, Mark Esser, Rich Barnes, Fred Howard, Tim Hulett, Gary Holle, Pat Darcy, Junior Moore and Francisco Barrios.

Pete Ward and Sam Ewing served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Rod AllenRROctober 5, 19596'1"185Los Angeles, CA US
Bill AtkinsonLROctober 4, 19545'7"165Chatham, ON CA
Jeffrey BarnardRROctober 2, 19606'3"210
Rich BarnesRLJuly 21, 19596'4"186Palm Beach, FL US
Ted BarnicleLLNovember 20, 19536'0"170
Francisco BarriosRRJune 10, 19535'11"155Hermosillo, Sonora MX
Glenn BorgmannRRMay 25, 19506'4"210Paterson, NJ US
Len BradleyRRAugust 31, 19586'5"235
Harry ChappasSROctober 26, 19575'7"150Mount Rainier, MD US
Mike ColbernRRApril 19, 19556'3"205Santa Monica, CA US
Nardi ContrerasSRSeptember 19, 19516'2"193Tampa, FL US
Henry CruzLLFebruary 27, 19526'0"175Christiansted, St. Croix VI
Pat DarcyLRMay 12, 19506'3"175Troy, OH US
Mark EsserRLApril 1, 19566'1"190Erie, PA US
Randall EvansR6'0"185
Sam EwingLLApril 9, 19496'3"200Lewisburg, TN US
Marv FoleyLRAugust 29, 19536'0"195Stanford, KY US
Fred FrazierRRMay 11, 19515'9"155
Joe GatesLROctober 3, 19545'7"175Gary, IN US
Guy HoffmanLLJuly 9, 19565'9"175Ottawa, IL US
Gary HolleRLAugust 11, 19546'6"210Albany, NY US
Fred HowardRRSeptember 2, 19566'3"190Portland, ME US
LaMarr HoytRRJanuary 1, 19556'3"195Columbia, SC US
Tim HulettRRJanuary 12, 19606'0"185Springfield, IL US
Randy JohnsonLLAugust 15, 19586'2"195Miami, FL US
Rusty KuntzRRFebruary 4, 19556'3"190Orange, CA US
Vito LucarelliRR5'11"190
Mitch LukevicsRRDecember 3, 19536'2"195
Junior MooreRRJanuary 25, 19535'11"185Waskom, TX US
Fran MullinsRRMay 14, 19576'0"180Oakland, CA US
Ray MurilloRRJanuary 18, 19566'2"185
Mark NaehringRRFebruary 9, 19566'3"185
Chris NymanRRJune 6, 19556'4"200Pomona, CA US
Andy PasillasRROctober 22, 19545'10"175
Reggie PattersonRRNovember 7, 19586'4"180Birmingham, AL US
Julio PerezSRSeptember 17, 19585'11"155New York, NY US
Dewey RobinsonRRApril 28, 19556'0"180Evanston, IL US
Pat ScanlonLRSeptember 23, 19526'0"180Minneapolis, MN US
Randy ScarberySRJune 22, 19526'1"185Fresno, CA US
Leo SutherlandLLApril 6, 19585'10"165Santiago de Cuba, Santiago de Cuba CU
Ray TorresRRApril 12, 19585'10"170San Jose de Moradillas, Sonora MX
Jeffrey VuksanRROctober 3, 19576'1"195
Dan WilliamsLL6'1"185
Mike WolfRRJune 20, 19556'1"165
Joe ZdebRRJune 27, 19535'11"185Compton, IL US

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.

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