2013 Lancaster JetHawks Roster

California League (CL) - Class: Advanced A
Team Record: 82-58
1st in the CL's South Division
Manager: Rodney Linares (82-58)
Affiliation: Houston Astros
Location: Lancaster, California
Ballpark: Clear Channel Stadium
Attendance: 158,266, Avg. 2,294 in 69 home dates
2013 Lancaster JetHawks Statistics

Playoffs - Inland Empire 66ers 3 games, Lancaster JetHawks 2 - Second Round

The Lancaster JetHawks of the California League ended the 2013 season with a record of 82 wins and 58 losses, first in the league's South Division. The team scored 976 runs, while allowing 792 runs. Rodney Linares served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Jesse WierzbickiRRNovember 24, 19886'3"210Atlanta, GA US
Carlos QuevedoRRSeptember 30, 19896'1"222Valencia, Carabobo VE
Tyson PerezRRDecember 27, 19896'3"215Hanford, CA US
Carlos PerdomoRRApril 25, 19905'10"160San Felipe, Yaracuy VE
Telvin NashRRFebruary 20, 19916'1"248Griffin, GA US
Drew MurenLRNovember 22, 19886'6"195Poway, CA US
Brandon MeredithRRDecember 19, 19896'2"225San Diego, CA US
Ryan McCurdyRRDecember 28, 19875'10"175Tampa, FL US
Kenny LongLLJanuary 28, 19896'0"165Fox River Grove, IL US
Cameron LambRRMay 29, 19896'3"211Perth, Western Australia AU
Brady RodgersRRSeptember 17, 19906'2"205Richmond, TX US
David RollinsLLDecember 21, 19896'1"210Deberry, TX US
Gera SanchezRRJune 8, 19896'0"190Las Cruces, NM US
Aaron WestRRJune 1, 19906'1"205Everett, WA US
Blair WaltersLLNovember 8, 19896'0"200Oak Park, CA US
Vince VelasquezSRJune 7, 19926'3"205Montclair, CA US
Rafael ValenzuelaLROctober 20, 19876'1"175Nogales, AZ US
Preston TuckerLLJuly 6, 19906'0"215Tampa, FL US
Raoul TorrezRRMarch 16, 19885'10"180Phoenix, AZ US
Kyle SmithRRSeptember 10, 19926'0"170Boynton Beach, FL US
Tommy ShirleyLLNovember 11, 19886'5"220Oakland, PA US
Joe SclafaniSRApril 22, 19905'11"195Brooklyn, NY US
Zach JohnsonRRJune 16, 19885'11"200Walnut Creek, CA US
Jordan JankowskiRRMay 17, 19896'1"225McMurray, PA US
Michael DimockRROctober 26, 19896'2"195Greensboro, NC US
Chris DevenskiRRNovember 13, 19906'3"195Long Beach, CA US
Delino DeShieldsRRAugust 16, 19925'9"210Gaston, GA US
Luis CruzLLSeptember 10, 19905'9"205San Juan, PR
M. P. CokinosRRJune 18, 19906'2"215Houston, TX US
Colton CainLLFebruary 5, 19916'3"256Waxahachie, TX US
Jean BatistaSRNovember 15, 19916'2"180Los Mulos, DO
Travis BallewRRMay 1, 19916'0"160Rockwall, TX US
Andrew AplinLLMarch 21, 19916'0"205Vallejo, CA US
Jonas DufekRRJune 30, 19886'5"215Omaha, NE US
Matt DuffyRRFebruary 6, 19896'3"215Boston, MA US
Chris EppsLRDecember 10, 19886'2"172Dunwoody, GA US
Tyler HeinemanSRJune 19, 19915'11"195Pacific Palisades, CA US
Mike HauschildRRJanuary 22, 19906'3"210Dayton, OH US
Kyle HallockLLAugust 6, 19886'2"185Sandusky, OH US
Dan GulbransenLLJanuary 5, 19915'11"205Appleton, WI US
Ricky GingrasLROctober 18, 19906'2"205Hemet, CA US
Alex GillinghamRROctober 17, 19896'3"200Westlake Village, CA US
Theron GeithLLJune 27, 19896'5"175Peoria, AZ US
Nolan FontanaLRJune 6, 19915'11"205Winter Garden, FL US
Mike FoltynewiczRROctober 7, 19916'4"220Sterling, IL US
Luis AlvarezRRFebruary 28, 19905'11"230Barquisimeto, Lara VE

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.

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