1969 Lynchburg White Sox Roster

Carolina League (CL) - Class: A
Team Record: 60-84
Finished 5th in the CL's West Division
Manager: Stan Wasiak (60-84)
Affiliation: Chicago White Sox
Location: Lynchburg, Virginia
Ballpark: City Stadium
Attendance: 42,286, Avg. 587
1969 Lynchburg White Sox Statistics

The Lynchburg White Sox of the Carolina League ended the 1969 season with a record of 60 wins and 84 losses, finishing fifth in the league's West Division.

The White Sox scored 560 runs and gave up 669 runs, most in the circuit. Ron Lolich led Lynchburg with 26 home runs and drove in 90 runs, while leading all regular batters by connecting at a .309 clip. Marcelino Dominguez topped the squad with 10 wins and a team-best 2.98 ERA, best among regularly-used pitchers.

Players from the 1969 Lynchburg White Sox who spent time in the Majors during their careers included Bob Spence, Ken Frailing, Art Kusnyer, Ron Lolich and Rich Hinton.

Stan Wasiak served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Mike BaldwinLLMay 6, 19486'1"185
Lester ClinkscalesLLJune 9, 19416'3"163Anderson, SC US
Lee CrowRRNovember 24, 19406'2"195Decatur, AL US
Marcelino DominguezRRDecember 2, 19435'9"140
Samuel DunbarRRDecember 7, 19466'5"197Lynwood, CA US
Ben FarrellLRJuly 17, 19466'1"170
Curtis FontenotRR5'11"185
Ken FrailingLLJanuary 19, 19486'0"190Madison, WI US
John HankammerRR6'2"175
Rich HintonLLMay 22, 19476'2"185Tucson, AZ US
Dick JonesRR5'11"185
Joe JonesRRDecember 13, 19415'9"150Lebanon, TN US
Gary KirtlanLR6'1"185
Charles KlineRL6'2"195
Steve KokorRRFebruary 2, 19476'4"200Los Angeles, CA US
Jeff KolbLR5'11"177
Stephen KrullRR6'3"190
Art KusnyerRRDecember 19, 19456'2"197Akron, OH US
Pete LentineLLDecember 19, 19475'10"180
Gary LewisRR6'0"190
Ron LolichRRSeptember 19, 19466'1"185Portland, OR US
Joseph MontyRRAugust 7, 19465'9"179New Bedford, MA US
Ed NottleRROctober 22, 19395'9"176Philadelphia, PA US
Gary PrestesaterRRJanuary 26, 19426'1"190, MN US
Roy RadmakerRRMay 29, 19435'11"165Urbana, IL US
Roger ReidRRAugust 3, 19465'11"165
Thomas RoweSRMarch 24, 19466'1"220Alden, AL US
John SandknopLRApril 6, 19475'11"180
Karl SimonRR6'0"180
Eddie SmithRRNovember 14, 19436'1"175Memphis, TN US
Bob SpenceLRFebruary 10, 19466'4"215San Diego, CA US
Mickey VandeheyLLJune 28, 19466'1"200Marshfield, WI US
Robert WarrenLL6'0"
Howard WoodLRJune 23, 19395'10"170Tidewater, VA US

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