1947 Moline A's Roster

Central Association (CA) - Class: C
Team Record: 51-74
6th in the CA
Manager: Woody Wheaton (51-74)
Affiliation: Philadelphia Athletics
Location: Moline, Illinois
Ballpark: Browning Field
Attendance: 27,479, Avg. 440
1947 Moline A's Statistics

The Moline A's of the Central Association ended the 1947 season with a record of 51 wins and 74 losses, sixth in the CA.

Woody Wheaton served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Walter BalashRRDecember 1, 19186'1"180Auburn, NY US
Dale MixerMarch 26, 1925
Joseph PancoeR6'2"190
Jack PertlerRL6'0"175
Leonard Petersen
Charles PriceRRSeptember 18, 19265'9"165
Benjamin SamselR5'11"175
Paul Scheib
Harold SteinhoffL6'0"185
Jack TannerRRDecember 27, 19266'3"228
Woody WheatonLLOctober 3, 19145'8"160Philadelphia, PA US
Ralph MatzerRDecember 10, 19185'10"175
Richard LenziR5'9"185
George LebedzR5'10"165
James BarrLL6'2"195
Roger BurnsRR5'10"175
Don CarterRRJuly 29, 19266'0"180St. Louis, MO US
Guy ColemanRR5'9"180
Donald DowneyLR5'10"195
Joe FallersR6'0"175
Edward FasiskaLL6'0"180
Joe GlennRRNovember 19, 19085'11"175Dickson City, PA US
Ray GoldkampL5'11"170
Charles KaiserRJune 7, 19285'11"170Lincoln Park, MI US
Matt ZelinskyR6'0"195

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