1948 Moline/Kewanee A's Roster

Central League (CL) - Class: A
Team Record: 53-74
10th in the CL
Manager: Joe Glenn (53-74)
Affiliation: Philadelphia Athletics
Location: Moline, Illinois
Attendance: 38,088, Avg. 600
1948 Moline/Kewanee A's Statistics

The Moline/Kewanee A's of the Central League ended the 1948 season with a record of 53 wins and 74 losses, tenth in the CL.Moline (17-25) moved to Kewanne June 18, first game in Kewanne June 29.

Joe Glenn served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
John AddisonRROctober 29, 19275'10"180Philadelphia, PA US
John MooreR5'10"165
Dallas OrfL5'9"165
Joseph PancoeR6'2"190
Rocco ParisiLL6'1"170
Jack PertlerRL6'0"175
James ReidyRR6'3"200
Richard RoddyL5'8"175
Joseph SeredaRR6'4"209
Billy ShantzRRJuly 31, 19276'1"160Pottstown, PA US
Harold SteinhoffL6'0"185
Alex Taylor
Jim VojcsikRJuly 16, 19266'0"195
Kendell WherryRRApril 13, 19266'1"200Chicago, IL US
Howard McCormickLNovember 21, 19226'0"170Hahnaman Twp., IL US
Ralph MatzerRDecember 10, 19185'10"175
Leslie ArnoldL5'10"175
Arthur BeckerLL5'11"165
John CastigliaRSeptember 12, 19255'10"175Passaic, NJ US
Art DitmarRRApril 3, 19296'2"185Winthrop, MA US
Donald FitzpatrickL6'1"185
Rudy HalabukRAugust 19, 19296'1"195
Ted HoweJuly 4, 1924Stirling, IL US
Clarence HummelRR6'0"185
Tom IppoliteRRFebruary 8, 19255'11"185Camden, NJ US
Elton JacksonR5'11"150
John JordanRFebruary 27, 19226'0"170Iva, SC US
Donald KucukasRR6'1"178
Ernest LucasR5'8"155
Matt ZelinskyR6'0"195

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