1938 Moline Plow Boys Roster

Illinois-Iowa-Indiana League (IIIL) - Class: B
Team Record: 67-59
3rd in the IIIL
Manager: Mike Gazella (67-59)
Affiliation: Chicago Cubs
Location: Moline, Illinois
Ballpark: Browning Field
Attendance: 22,684, Avg. 360
1938 Moline Plow Boys Statistics

Playoffs - Moline Plow Boys 3 games, Evansville Bees 1
Finals - Decatur Commodores 4 games, Moline Plow Boys 1

The Moline Plow Boys of the Illinois-Iowa-Indiana League ended the 1938 season with a record of 67 wins and 59 losses, third in the IIIL.

Mike Gazella served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Dominic AuglieraR5'11"170
Gino MarionettiRApril 16, 19185'10"175Arcata, CA US
Henry MeyerRJuly 10, 19175'11"190
William MinarikRR6'0"180
Tommy NelsonRRMay 1, 19175'11"180Chicago, IL US
Lou NovikoffRROctober 12, 19155'10"185Glendale, AZ US
Barney OlsenRRSeptember 11, 19195'11"179Everett, MA US
Joe SosnouskiRJuly 1, 19176'1"175
Louis StefaniRRAugust 9, 19186'2"175
Derwin SteimlingRR6'0"180
Red SteinerLRJanuary 7, 19156'0"185Los Angeles, CA US
Clarence LevandowskiRAugust 30, 19155'11"178
Leonard KarjalainRRJuly 6, 19155'10"175
Edward JabbRJune 1, 19135'2"185
Clare BertramRRJuly 25, 19176'0"180
Ray CampbellSLNovember 25, 19196'1"180
Joe CavosieL5'10"180
John ColmerRROctober 23, 19176'3"227Torrance, CA US
Richard ConleyL6'0"179
Arthur CuisinierRJune 21, 19085'11"170
John DeMoiseyR6'5"205
John DziuraROctober 13, 19165'7"140
Glyn GibsonRMarch 8, 19135'11"168DeChart, TN US
Warren Haltom

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