1926 Memphis Chickasaws Roster

Southern Association (SA) - Class: A
Team Record: 95-57
Finished 2nd in the SA
Manager: Clyde Milan (95-57)
Location: Memphis, Tennessee
Ballpark: Russwood Park
Attendance: 196,365, Avg. 2,584
1926 Memphis Chickasaws Statistics

The Memphis Chickasaws of the Southern Association ended the 1926 season with a record of 95 wins and 57 losses, finishing second in the SA.

Clyde Milan served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Turner BarberLRJuly 9, 18935'11"170Lavinia, TN US
Bob BarrettRRJanuary 27, 18995'11"175Atlanta, GA US
Dick BonellyRMay 8, 1899Meridian, CT US
Jim BrillheartRLSeptember 28, 19035'11"170Dublin, VA US
Lloyd BrownLLDecember 25, 19045'9"170Beeville, TX US
Jack CalvoLLJune 11, 18945'10"156La Habana, La Habana CU
Dee CousineauRRDecember 16, 18986'0"170Watertown, MA US
George FerrellRApril 14, 19045'11"175Guilford County, NC US
Clarence GriffinLL5'8"145
John JenkinsRRJuly 7, 18965'8"160Bosworth, MO US
John JonesLLMay 13, 19015'11"185Coatesville, PA US
Jack KilleenRR6'0"175Litchfield, NE US
Joe KlugmannRRMarch 26, 18955'11"175St. Louis, MO US
Frank KohlbeckerDecember 5, 1898Cincinnati, OH US
Hod LisenbeeRRSeptember 23, 18985'11"170Clarksville, TN US
Clyde MilanLRMarch 25, 18875'9"168Linden, TN US
Guy MortonRRJune 1, 18936'1"175Vernon, AL US
Andy ReeseRRFebruary 7, 19045'11"180Tupelo, MS US
Ray SchmandtRRJanuary 25, 18966'1"175St. Louis, MO US
Tommy TaylorRRSeptember 17, 18925'8"160Mexia, TX US

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