1928 Nashville Vols Roster

Southern Association (SA) - Class: A
Team Record: 59-94
Finished 8th in the SA
Manager: Jimmy Hamilton (0-0), Pants Rowland (0-0)
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Ballpark: Sulphur Dell
Attendance: 96,396, Avg. 1,260
1928 Nashville Vols Statistics

The Nashville Vols of the Southern Association ended the 1928 season with a record of 59 wins and 94 losses, finishing eighth in the SA.

Jimmy Hamilton and Pants Rowland served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Ernie AltenRLDecember 1, 18946'0"175Avon, OH US
Turner BarberLRJuly 9, 18935'11"170Lavinia, TN US
Bill BlackLRAugust 12, 18995'11"168Philadelphia, PA US
Ben Boyd
Lloyd FlippinNovember 13, 1898
Benny FreyRRApril 6, 19065'10"165Dexter, MI US
Oscar FuhrLLAugust 22, 18936'0"176Defiance, MO US
Garth Gilchrist
Tex Giles5'11"185
Norman GlaserRRAugust 31, 18945'11"186Cleveland, OH US
George Gottleber
Frank HaleyRR
Nap KlozaRRSeptember 7, 19035'11"180, PL
Cliff KnoxSRJanuary 7, 19025'11"178Coalville, IA US
Eddie LewisDecember 8, 1903
Del LundgrenRRSeptember 21, 18995'8"160Lindsborg, KS US
Leo MackeyR5'8"165
Leo MoonRLJune 22, 18995'11"165Bellemont, NC US
Jim OglesbyLLAugust 10, 19056'0"190Schofield, MO US
Malcolm PickettMarch 17, 1907
Ed PipgrasRRJune 15, 19046'2"175Schleswig, IA US
Tripp SigmanLRJanuary 17, 18996'0"180Mooresville, NC US
Tommy TaylorRRSeptember 17, 18925'8"160Mexia, TX US
Robert Unglaub
Rip WadeLRJanuary 12, 18985'11"174Duluth, MN US
Ted WingfieldRRAugust 7, 18995'11"168Bedford, VA US

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