1930 Nashville Vols Roster

Southern Association (SA) - Class: A
Team Record: 66-87
Finished 6th in the SA
Manager: Pants Rowland (66-87)
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Ballpark: Sulphur Dell
Attendance: 95,060, Avg. 1,243
1930 Nashville Vols Statistics

The Nashville Vols of the Southern Association ended the 1930 season with a record of 66 wins and 87 losses, finishing sixth in the SA.

Pants Rowland served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Spencer AdamsLRJune 21, 18985'9"158Layton, UT US
John AndersonRRAugust 20, 18935'9"174
Casper AsbjornsonRRJune 19, 19096'1"196Concord, MA US
H. Bennett
George BoehlerRRJanuary 2, 18926'2"180Lawrenceburg, IN US
Thad CampbellRRDecember 21, 19045'11"170
Blackie CarterRRSeptember 30, 19025'10"175Langley, SC US
Joe CiceroRRNovember 18, 19105'8"167Atlantic City, NJ US
Otto Dumas
Ralph HeadRRAugust 30, 18935'10"175Tallapoosa, GA US
Jimmy HornOctober 13, 1903
Joe KlugmannRRMarch 26, 18955'11"175St. Louis, MO US
Ernie KruegerRRDecember 27, 18905'10"185Chicago, IL US
Frank LuceLRDecember 6, 18965'11"180Spencer, OH US
Ollie MarquardtRRSeptember 22, 19025'9"156Toledo, OH US
Alex McCollSRMarch 29, 18946'1"178Eagleville, OH US
George MilsteadLLJune 26, 19035'10"144Cleburne, TX US
David MinerL5'9"185
Bill MooreLRDecember 12, 19015'11"170Kansas City, MO US
Jay PartridgeLRNovember 15, 19025'11"160Mountville, GA US
Jim PooleLRMay 12, 18956'0"175Taylorsville, NC US
Roy SandersRRJune 10, 18946'0"185Pittsburg, KS US
Syl SimonRRDecember 14, 18975'10"170Evansville, IN US
Jerry StandaertRRNovember 2, 19015'10"168Chicago, IL US
Thomas WalkerRRNovember 5, 19035'11"165
Lefty WillisLLNovember 4, 19056'1"175Leetown, WV US
Emory ZumbroFebruary 9, 1903Morgan County, OH US

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