1959 Nashville Vols Roster

Southern Association (SA) - Class: AA
Team Record: 84-64
Finished 3rd in the SA
Manager: Dick Sisler (84-64)
Affiliation: Cincinnati Redlegs
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Ballpark: Sulphur Dell
Attendance: 129,125, Avg. 1,745
1959 Nashville Vols Statistics

The Nashville Vols of the Southern Association ended the 1959 season with a record of 84 wins and 64 losses, finishing third in the SA.

The Vols plated 727 runs and surrendered 654 runs. Buddy Gilbert paced Nashville with 24 home runs, while Larry Davidson, Marv Blaylock and Ultus Alvarez each walloped 20 or more also. Marv Blaylock drove in 92 runs and topped batters with significant playing time by hitting .300. Cholly Naranjo led the squad with 13 wins, and Tom Gibson recorded a 3.06 ERA, leading hurlers with significant time on the mound.

Players from the 1959 Nashville Vols who spent time in Major League Baseball during their careers included Jerry Lane, Jim Bailey, Ray Shearer, Steve Kraly, Earl Rapp, Marv Blaylock, Cholly Naranjo, Buddy Gilbert, Lyle Luttrell, Bobby Klaus, Bob Moorhead, Whammy Douglas, Bobby Durnbaugh and Chuck Coles.

Dick Sisler served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Ultus AlvarezRRMay 2, 19345'11"175Cumanayagua, CU
Jim BaileySLDecember 16, 19346'2"210Strawberry Plains, TN US
William BeckRRJune 21, 19385'11"180
Marv BlaylockLLSeptember 30, 19296'1"175Fort Smith, AR US
Jerry CadeRLSeptember 9, 19325'10"155
Leon CarterRRAugust 5, 19315'11"180
Carlos CastilloRRApril 24, 19335'11"160
Chuck ColesLLJune 27, 19315'9"180Fredericktown, PA US
William CookeRROctober 31, 19356'4"195Chicago, IL US
Larry DavidsonLRMay 20, 19266'1"195Appomattox, VA US
Jerry DavisLLJuly 21, 19326'1"175Kansas City, KS US
Thomas DottererLRDecember 19, 19366'1"185Syracuse, NY US
Whammy DouglasRRFebruary 17, 19356'2"185Carrboro, NC US
Bobby DurnbaughRRJanuary 15, 19335'8"170Dayton, OH US
John FickingerRROctober 11, 19336'3"195Ashland, PA US
Tom GibsonSROctober 4, 19366'4"210Yakima, WA US
Buddy GilbertLRJuly 26, 19356'3"195Knoxville, TN US
Edward IronsRMay 3, 19286'0"210West Haven, CT US
Bobby KlausRRDecember 27, 19375'10"170Spring Grove, IL US
Steve KralyLLApril 18, 19295'10"152Whiting, IN US
Jerry LaneRRFebruary 7, 19266'0"205Ashland, NY US
Lyle LuttrellRRFebruary 22, 19306'0"180Bloomington, IL US
Chuck LybeckLROctober 31, 19346'2"190Kent, WA US
Bob MoorheadRRJanuary 23, 19386'1"208Chambersburg, PA US
Cholly NaranjoLRNovember 25, 19335'11"165La Habana, La Habana CU
Earl RappLRMay 20, 19216'2"185Corunna, MI US
Paul RobinsonRRMay 12, 19336'2"190
Howard RodemoyerRRJanuary 22, 19305'11"190Fredonia, PA US
Haven SchmidtLRSeptember 23, 19356'4"210
Phil ShartzerRROctober 15, 19355'10"165Louisville, KY US
Ray ShearerRRSeptember 19, 19296'0"200Jacobus, PA US

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