1948 Phoenix Senators Roster

Arizona-Texas League (AAL) - Class: C
Team Record: 67-73
5th in the AAL
Manager: Charles Biggs (67-73)
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Ballpark: Phoenix Municipal Stadium
Attendance: 79,821, Avg. 1,140
1948 Phoenix Senators Statistics

The Phoenix Senators of the Arizona-Texas League ended the 1948 season with a record of 67 wins and 73 losses, fifth in the AAL.

Charles Biggs served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Marvin AdamsLL6'1"200
George Miller
Theodore Olea
Leonard PillR6'1"180
Dan PintoRSeptember 21, 19265'8"155
Tony PonceSRAugust 12, 19216'1"205Rivera, CA US
Roland PryorJuly 28, 1923192Pottsville, AR US
Walt RaimondiRROctober 4, 19245'10"160Oakland, CA US
Dick SabatiniRNovember 11, 19275'10"170
Donald StanfordR6'0"185
Donald StewartR5'11"170
Harry StricklettRAugust 13, 19195'11"170
Nick SunseriLLJanuary 28, 19225'10"170Los Angeles, CA US
Bill TaylorLLDecember 30, 19296'3"212Alhambra, CA US
Ernie TellesRLMay 12, 19305'10"165Oakland, CA US
Anthony MeleR6'0"175
Socorro Mejia
Charles BiggsRRApril 14, 19125'11"165Greenbrier, AR US
Rocco CardinaleRRJune 16, 19275'11"200San Francisco, CA US
Del CleggRRFebruary 19, 19286'2"195Santa Paula, CA US
Bill CoxMay 25, 1930193
Charles Farrell
Don FracchiaRRFebruary 1, 19316'1"193Richmond, CA US
Ed GrahamRRDecember 8, 19236'2"200Hayden, AZ US
Donald Groves
Stanley Halstead
Edward HamelR5'10"160
Pete HughesLLApril 16, 19155'11"200Los Angeles, CA US
Walter KlucznikR5'11"180
Gene LillardRRNovember 12, 19135'10"178Santa Barbara, CA US
Raymond MartinezRRFebruary 18, 19265'10"180South Colton, CA US
James Young

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