1998 Salt Lake Buzz Roster

Pacific Coast League (PCL) - Class: AAA
Team Record: 79-64
Finished 2nd in the PCL's South Division of the Pacific Conference
Manager: Phil Roof (79-64)
Affiliation: Minnesota Twins
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Ballpark: Spring Mobile Park
Attendance: 554,719, Avg. 8,158 in 68 home dates
1998 Salt Lake Buzz Statistics

The Salt Lake Buzz of the Pacific Coast League ended the 1998 season with a record of 79 wins and 64 losses, finishing second in the league's South Division of the Pacific Conference.

The Buzz plated 787 runs and allowed 750 runs. Corey Koskie paced Salt Lake with 26 home runs, while Brian Buchanan, Scott Stahoviak and Chad Rupp each walloped 20 or more also. Corey Koskie drove in 105 runs. Scott Stahoviak topped hitters with significant playing time by hitting .316. Benj Sampson led the squad with 10 wins, and Travis Baptist registered a 3.13 earned run average, leading regular hurlers.

Members of the 1998 Salt Lake Buzz who played in Major League Baseball during their careers were Paul Molitor, Corey Koskie, Dan Naulty, Doug Linton, Ken Ramos, Jeff Harris, Jayhawk Owens, Dan Serafini, Gus Gandarillas, Benj Sampson, David Ortiz, Todd Ritchie, Shane Bowers, Chris Latham, Dan Perkins, Fred Rath, Matt LeCroy, Esteban Beltre, Travis Miller, Scott Stahoviak, Torii Hunter, Mike Moriarty, Mark Redman, Ricky Bones, Jon Shave, Travis Baptist, Gary Wilson, Steve Wojciechowski, Kevin Ohme, Frankie Rodriguez, Brian Buchanan and A. J. Pierzynski.

Phil Roof served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Travis BaptistLLDecember 30, 19716'0"195Forest Grove, OR US
Esteban BeltreRRDecember 26, 19675'10"155Quisqueya, San Pedro de Macoris DO
Ricky BonesRRApril 7, 19695'10"200Salinas, PR
Shane BowersRRJuly 27, 19716'4"215Glendora, CA US
Brian BuchananRRJuly 21, 19736'4"230Miami, FL US
Chris CumberlandRLJanuary 15, 19736'1"189Clearwater, FL US
Jeff FergusonRRJune 18, 19735'10"184Los Angeles, CA US
Gus GandarillasRRJuly 19, 19716'0"190Coral Gables, FL US
Jeff HarrisRRJuly 4, 19746'1"190Alameda, CA US
Jeff HornRRAugust 23, 19706'1"213Baltimore, MD US
Torii HunterRRJuly 18, 19756'2"220Pine Bluff, AR US
Corey KoskieLRJune 28, 19736'3"215Anola, MB CA
Chris LathamSRMay 26, 19736'0"195Coeur d'Alene, ID US
Matt LeCroyRRDecember 13, 19756'2"225Belton, SC US
Marc LewisRRMay 20, 19756'2"185Decatur, GA US
Doug LintonRRFebruary 9, 19656'1"185Santa Ana, CA US
Travis MillerRLNovember 2, 19726'3"205Dayton, OH US
Paul MolitorRRAugust 22, 19566'0"185St. Paul, MN US
Mike MoriartyRRMarch 8, 19746'0"195Camden, NJ US
Dan NaultyRRJanuary 6, 19706'6"211Los Angeles, CA US
Jamie OgdenLLJanuary 19, 19726'5"225South St. Paul, MN US
Kevin OhmeLLApril 13, 19716'1"180Palm Beach, FL US
David OrtizLLNovember 18, 19756'3"230Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional DO
Jayhawk OwensRRFebruary 10, 19696'1"213Cincinnati, OH US
Dan PerkinsRRMarch 15, 19756'2"193Miami, FL US
A. J. PierzynskiLRDecember 30, 19766'3"250Bridgehampton, NY US
Ken RamosLLJune 6, 19676'1"185Sidney, NE US
Fred RathRRJanuary 5, 19736'3"220Dallas, TX US
Mark RedmanLLJanuary 5, 19746'5"220San Diego, CA US
Todd RitchieRRNovember 7, 19716'3"205Portsmouth, VA US
Frankie RodriguezRRDecember 11, 19726'0"193Brooklyn, NY US
Chad RuppRRSeptember 30, 19716'2"225Tampa, FL US
Benj SampsonRLApril 27, 19756'2"210Des Moines, IA US
Dan SerafiniSLJanuary 25, 19746'1"190San Francisco, CA US
Jon ShaveRRNovember 4, 19676'0"185Waycross, GA US
Jeff SmithLRJune 17, 19746'3"210Akron, OH US
Scott StahoviakLRMarch 6, 19706'5"210Waukegan, IL US
Gary WilsonRRJanuary 1, 19706'3"190Arcata, CA US
Steve WojciechowskiLLJuly 29, 19706'2"185Blue Island, IL US

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.

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