1973 San Antonio Brewers Roster

Texas League (TL) - Class: AA
Team Record: 82-57
1st in the TL's West Division
Manager: Tony Pacheco (82-57)
Affiliation: Cleveland Indians
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Ballpark: V.J. Keefe Stadium
Attendance: 177,197, Avg. 2,550
1973 San Antonio Brewers Statistics

Playoffs - Memphis Blues 3 games, San Antonio Brewers 2

The San Antonio Brewers of the Texas League ended the 1973 season with a record of 82 wins and 57 losses, first in the league's West Division.

The Brewers scored 604 runs and gave up 549 runs. Dan Covert led San Antonio with 19 home runs and drove in 66 runs. Alvin McGrew paced all regular hitters by connecting at a .289 clip, and Rick Sawyer topped the team with 18 wins, while James Moyer recorded a 2.32 ERA, tops among hurlers with significant time on the mound.

Players from the 1973 San Antonio Brewers who spent time in Major League Baseball during their careers included Jeff Newman, Jim Norris, Tom McMillan, Rick Sawyer, Eric Raich, Duane Kuiper, Joe Horlen, Bob Kaiser, Jim Kern, Larry Johnson, Rob Belloir, Rick Austin, Joe Azcue and Vince Colbert.

Tony Pacheco served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Terin AndinoLLMay 18, 19495'11"160New York, NY US
Tom McMillanRRSeptember 13, 19515'9"165Richmond, VA US
Glenn MonroeRRAugust 26, 19506'0"180Houston, TX US
James MoyerRRJune 12, 19486'4"185
Jeff NewmanRRSeptember 11, 19486'2"215Fort Worth, TX US
Jim NorrisLLDecember 20, 19485'10"175Brooklyn, NY US
Luis PenalverRRNovember 20, 19415'11"170Cumana, Sucre VE
Eric RaichRRNovember 1, 19516'4"225Detroit, MI US
Gary RatliffRRDecember 1, 19476'0"175Fort Smith, AR US
Carl RichardsonRRJune 2, 19465'10"155Cincinnati, OH US
Andy RodriguezRRApril 16, 19506'2"165Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional DO
Rick SawyerRRApril 7, 19486'2"205Bakersfield, CA US
Frederick SmithRRApril 27, 19486'1"180
Bill TsoukalasLLAugust 24, 19476'1"175Renton, WA US
Eulises UrrietaRR6'0"170
Nicolas VazquezRR6'0"170
Alvin McGrewRRSeptember 22, 19516'1"182Fairfield, AL US
Duane KuiperLRJune 19, 19506'0"175Racine, WI US
Jim KernRRMarch 15, 19496'5"185Gladwin, MI US
Mel ArnerichRROctober 28, 19506'0"175Oakland, CA US
Rick AustinRLOctober 27, 19466'4"190Seattle, WA US
Joe AzcueRRAugust 18, 19396'0"190Cienfuegos, Cienfuegos CU
Rob BelloirRRJuly 13, 19485'10"155Heidelberg, DE
Vince ColbertRRDecember 20, 19456'4"200Washington, DC US
Dan CovertRRMay 20, 19506'4"210Austin, TX US
Richard DerricksonRRFebruary 11, 19516'1"180Lexington, KY US
Bob EldridgeLRFebruary 20, 19486'3"200
Ron EllisRR6'0"160
Gary GloedeSRAugust 25, 19505'9"160Janesville, WI US
Bob GrossmanRRJune 19, 19516'4"200San Diego, CA US
Daniel HatchellRR6'1"175
Joe HorlenRRAugust 14, 19376'0"170San Antonio, TX US
John HowellLLJune 3, 19506'0"170
Larry JohnsonRRAugust 17, 19506'0"185Cleveland, OH US
Bob KaiserSLApril 29, 19505'10"175Cincinnati, OH US

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