V.J. Keefe Stadium

Location: San Antonio, TX
Rattler Drive near NW 36th Street & Culebra Road.
Capacity: 4,500 (1971); 10,250 (1975); 3,500 (1985)
Dimensions (Left, Center, Right): 325-400-325 (1971); 300-401-205 (1988)
The stadium, on St. Mary's University campus, was built in 1960, and still used today.
Used by: San Antonio Missions, San Antonio Brewers, San Antonio Dodgers, San Antonio Tejanos

Following are the minor league baseball teams known to have played at V.J. Keefe Stadium:

1994San Antonio TejanosTexas-Louisiana League375125,204573RosterStats
1993San Antonio MissionsTexas League5876189,2512,957RosterStats
1992San Antonio MissionsTexas League6274177,3652,861RosterStats
1991San Antonio MissionsTexas League6175185,3362,726RosterStats
1990San Antonio MissionsTexas League7856180,9312,700RosterStats
1989San Antonio MissionsTexas League4987158,4022,329RosterStats
1988San Antonio MissionsTexas League7360130,8991,968RosterStats
1987San Antonio DodgersTexas League5086122,2771,798RosterStats
1986San Antonio DodgersTexas League6471122,2611,811RosterStats
1985San Antonio DodgersTexas League5975106,1831,585RosterStats
1984San Antonio DodgersTexas League6472125,5421,846RosterStats
1983San Antonio DodgersTexas League6670100,2831,475RosterStats
1982San Antonio DodgersTexas League6868138,0242,030RosterStats
1981San Antonio DodgersTexas League7657134,6682,025RosterStats
1980San Antonio DodgersTexas League7462153,3552,255RosterStats
1979San Antonio DodgersTexas League696263,990977RosterStats
1978San Antonio DodgersTexas League795774,4201,094RosterStats
1977San Antonio DodgersTexas League616753,359834RosterStats
1976San Antonio BrewersTexas League637160,122897RosterStats
1975San Antonio BrewersTexas League5085138,5172,052RosterStats
1974San Antonio BrewersTexas League6864143,5192,175RosterStats
1973San Antonio BrewersTexas League8257177,1972,550RosterStats
1972San Antonio BrewersTexas League5387253,1393,616RosterStats
1971San Antonio MissionsTexas League637747,113673RosterStats
1970San Antonio MissionsTexas League676944,271651RosterStats
1969San Antonio MissionsTexas League518138,024576RosterStats
1968San Antonio MissionsTexas League538640,069577RosterStats

Attendance listed indicates the total home attendance for the team even if it played in multiple home ballparks or additional cities in the same year.

Average attendance is based on half the team's total games being played at home.

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