1982 San Antonio Dodgers Roster

Texas League (TL) - Class: AA
Team Record: 68-68
Finished 3rd in the TL's West Division
Manager: Don LeJohn (68-68)
Affiliation: Los Angeles Dodgers
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Ballpark: V.J. Keefe Stadium
Attendance: 138,024, Avg. 2,030
1982 San Antonio Dodgers Statistics

The San Antonio Dodgers of the Texas League ended the 1982 season with a record of 68 wins and 68 losses, finishing third in the league's West Division.

The Dodgers tallied 689 runs and allowed 741 runs. Ed Amelung paced San Antonio with 24 home runs, while German Rivera, Dann Bilardello and Tony Brewer each walloped 20 or more also. Ed Amelung drove in 91 runs. Tom Beyers led all regular batters by connecting at a .306 clip. Dean Rennicke and Paul Voigt topped the squad with 12 wins each, and Paul Voigt recorded a 3.99 ERA, leading pitchers with enough qualifying appearances.

Members of the 1982 San Antonio Dodgers who played in Major League Baseball during their careers were Ed Amelung, Dann Bilardello, Morris Madden, R. J. Reynolds, Scotti Madison, Tom Klawitter, Leo Hernandez, German Rivera, Tony Brewer, Lemmie Miller, John Franco, Sid Bream and Alex Taveras.

Don LeJohn served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Ed AmelungLLApril 13, 19595'11"180Fullerton, CA US
Tom BeyersLLApril 9, 19585'11"175San Francisco, CA US
Dann BilardelloRRMay 26, 19596'0"185Santa Cruz, CA US
Sid BreamLLAugust 3, 19606'4"215Carlisle, PA US
Tony BrewerRRNovember 25, 19575'11"190Coushatta, LA US
Chris ChavezSR5'11"175
Frank DenteR5'11"180
John FrancoLLSeptember 17, 19605'10"170Brooklyn, NY US
Todd GauntlettRROctober 18, 19595'10"170
Shayne HammondLNovember 14, 19606'0"185
Leo HernandezRRNovember 6, 19595'11"170Santa Lucia, Miranda VE
Tom KlawitterRLJune 24, 19586'2"190La Crosse, WI US
Morris MaddenLLAugust 31, 19606'0"155Laurens, SC US
Scotti MadisonSRSeptember 12, 19595'11"185Pensacola, FL US
Christopher MaldenRRAugust 30, 19585'11"175
Rusty McDonaldRRJanuary 12, 19586'1"190
Lemmie MillerRRJune 2, 19606'1"190Dallas, TX US
James NoblesRL5'11"170
Steve PerryRRFebruary 25, 19576'5"210
Dean RennickeR6'0"185
R. J. ReynoldsSRApril 19, 19596'0"190Sacramento, CA US
German RiveraRRJuly 6, 19606'2"195Santurce, PR
Greg SchultzRR6'0"165
Mark SheehyRRJuly 1, 19575'10"170
Greg SmithLRAugust 25, 19596'2"180
Alex TaverasRROctober 9, 19555'10"155Santiago, Santiago DO
Paul VoigtRDecember 8, 19586'2"185
Clint WickensheimerRRNovember 13, 19576'2"200
Brett WiseRAugust 11, 19606'1"175

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