1986 St. Petersburg Cardinals Roster

Florida State League (FSL) - Class: A
Team Record: 88-48
Finished 1st in the FSL's West Division
Manager: Dave Bialas (0-0), Marty Mason (0-0), Mike Jorgensen (0-0)
Affiliation: St. Louis Cardinals
Location: St. Petersburg, Florida
Ballpark: Al Lang Stadium
Attendance: 126,242, Avg. 1,856
1986 St. Petersburg Cardinals Statistics

Playoffs - St. Petersburg Cardinals 2 games, Tampa Tarpons 1
Finals - St. Petersburg Cardinals 3 games, West Palm Beach Expos 1

The St. Petersburg Cardinals of the Florida State League ended the 1986 season with a record of 88 wins and 48 losses, finishing first in the league's West Division.

The Cardinals paced the circuit with just 428 runs allowed. St. Petersburg scored 681 runs. Ron Johns recorded 81 runs batted in. Jim Reboulet led hitters with significant playing time by hitting .327. Jeff Fassero topped the squad with 13 wins and a team-best 2.45 ERA, best among regularly-used pitchers.

Matt Kinzer, Howard Hilton, Alex Cole, Tim Jones, Jeff Fassero, Scott Arnold and John Costello were all players from the 1986 St. Petersburg Cardinals who played in the Majors during their careers.

Dave Bialas, Marty Mason and Mike Jorgensen served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Sal AgostinelliRRSeptember 4, 19615'9"180Bronx, NY US
Tom AmanteRRJanuary 20, 19615'10"185Grand Rapids, MI US
Scott ArnoldRRAugust 18, 19626'2"210Lexington, KY US
Rick ArzolaLRDecember 18, 19616'0"175
Brad BluntRAugust 15, 19646'5"182Farmingham, MO US
Ted CarsonRNovember 15, 19606'5"195Cleveland, TN US
Alex ColeLLAugust 17, 19656'2"170Fayetteville, NC US
John CostelloRRDecember 24, 19606'1"190Bronx, NY US
Jeff FasseroLLJanuary 5, 19636'1"180Springfield, IL US
Jim FregosiRRApril 11, 19646'1"185
Hans HerzogLJanuary 19, 19616'2"187Winchester, VA US
Steve HillLMarch 14, 19636'0"170
Howard HiltonRRJanuary 3, 19646'3"230Oxnard, CA US
Kennedy InfanteRRJanuary 5, 19665'10"168, Aragua VE
Ron JohnsRROctober 7, 19626'2"195
Tim JonesLRDecember 1, 19625'10"172Sumter, SC US
Matt KinzerRRJune 17, 19636'2"210Indianapolis, IN US
Crucito LaraSRDecember 31, 19666'0"150
Mark ManghamRRNovember 27, 19626'3"185Shreveport, LA US
Marty MasonRApril 4, 19586'1"180Central City, KY US
Chuck McGrathRRAugust 5, 19616'5"240Medford, MA US
Jesus MendezLLJune 14, 19645'10"173
Scott MurrayRSeptember 21, 19606'2"160
Scott NicholsRRJuly 29, 19635'11"185Martinsville, WV US
Jay NorthRRJune 21, 19626'3"220Alameda, CA US
Mauricio NunezRRJanuary 26, 19636'0"160Santiago Rodriguez, DO
Steven PetittR5'11"175
Jim PuzeyLRSeptember 19, 19636'2"190
Jim RebouletRRAugust 13, 19615'11"165Dayton, OH US
John RigosSRApril 29, 19626'1"190Hudson, NY US
Roy SilverSRSeptember 22, 19625'9"200New York, NY US
Chico SingletarySRFebruary 8, 19675'10"170
Gator ThiesenRRJune 9, 19635'9"162
Troy TomsickRRJanuary 14, 19656'2"190Denver, CO US

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