1934 Syracuse Chiefs Roster

International League (IL) - Class: AA
Team Record: 60-94
Finished 7th in the IL
Manager: Andy High (0-0), Bill Sweeney (0-0)
Location: Syracuse, New York
Ballpark: MacArthur Stadium
Attendance: 91,390, Avg. 1,187
1934 Syracuse Chiefs Statistics

The Syracuse Chiefs of the International League ended the 1934 season with a record of 60 wins and 94 losses, finishing seventh in the IL.

Andy High and Bill Sweeney served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Joseph BartulisRRAugust 16, 19076'2"180Chicago, IL US
Joe BenesRRJanuary 8, 19015'8"158Long Island City, NY US
Footsie BlairLRJuly 13, 19006'1"180Enterprise, OK US
Joe BloomerRRFebruary 24, 19006'0"170Claflin, KS US
Marty CallaghanLLJune 9, 19005'10"157Norwood, MA US
Spud ChandlerRRSeptember 12, 19076'0"181Commerce, GA US
Ed CihockiRRMay 9, 19075'8"163Wilmington, DE US
Bobby CoombsRRFebruary 2, 19085'9"160Goodwins Mills, ME US
Bill CroninRRDecember 26, 19025'9"167West Newton, MA US
Al EckertLLMay 17, 19065'10"174Milwaukee, WI US
Hal ElliottRRMay 29, 18996'1"170Mount Clemens, MI US
Oscar EstradaLLFebruary 15, 19025'8"160La Habana, La Habana CU
Clarence FisherRRAugust 27, 18986'0"174Letart, WV US
Fred FussellLLOctober 7, 18955'10"155Sheridan, MO US
William GilvaryLLSeptember 20, 19086'0"180Jessup, PA US
Al GlossopSRJuly 12, 19146'0"170Christopher, IL US
Jack GrossmanR6'0"195
Roger HanlonRR5'11"168
David Hayes
Phillip HearnLOctober 13, 19125'11"198
Andy HighLRNovember 21, 18975'6"155Ava, IL US
Ralph JuddLRDecember 7, 19015'10"170Perrysburg, OH US
Julius LavianoR5'9"175
Ad LiskaRRJuly 10, 19065'11"160Dwight, NE US
John Lyons
John Maruska
Earl MattinglyRRNovember 4, 19045'10"164New Port, MD US
Jim McCloskeyLLMay 26, 19105'9"180Danville, PA US
Tim McKeithanRRNovember 2, 19066'2"182Shelby, NC US
Spike MerenaLLNovember 18, 19096'0"185Paterson, NJ US
Heinie MuellerLLSeptember 16, 18995'8"158St. Louis, MO US
James MurphyR5'11"165
Ted NorbertRRMay 17, 19086'1"192Brooklyn, NY US
Clarence PickrelRRMarch 28, 19116'1"180Gretna, VA US
Max RosenfeldRRDecember 23, 19025'8"175New York, NY US
Monk SherlockRROctober 26, 19045'10"175Buffalo, NY US
Andy SpognardiRROctober 18, 19085'9"160Boston, MA US
Bill SweeneyRRDecember 29, 19045'11"180Cleveland, OH US
Doug TaittLRAugust 3, 19026'0"176Bay City, MI US
Eddie TaylorRRNovember 17, 19015'6"160Chicago, IL US
Zack TaylorRRJuly 27, 18985'11"180Yulee, FL US
Johnny WatwoodLLAugust 17, 19056'1"186Alexander City, AL US

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