1900 Springfield Ponies Roster

Eastern League (EL) - Class: A
Team Record: 61-63
5th in the EL
Manager: Tom Burns (61-63)
Location: Springfield, Massachusetts
Ballpark: Pynchon Park

1900 Springfield Ponies Statistics

The Springfield Ponies of the Eastern League ended the 1900 season with a record of 61 wins and 63 losses, fifth in the EL.

Tom Burns served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Kirtley BakerRRJune 24, 18695'9"160Aurora, IN US
Julius KnollLSeptember 10, 1875Evansville, IN US
Pete McBrideRRJuly 9, 18755'10"170Adams, MA US
John PappalauRRApril 3, 18756'0"175Albany, NY US
Ed PhelpsRRMarch 3, 18795'11"185Albany, NY US
Frank SearsSeptember 12, 1877Hyde Park, MA US
Frank ShannonDecember 3, 18735'3"155San Francisco, CA US
George ShochRRJanuary 6, 18595'6"158Philadelphia, PA US
Jack ToftFebruary 0, 1873Philadelphia, PA US
Tommy TuckerSROctober 28, 18635'11"165Holyoke, MA US
Joe WallLLJuly 24, 18735'10"168Brooklyn, NY US
George HemmingRRDecember 15, 18685'11"170Carrollton, OH US
Harry GleasonRRMarch 28, 18755'6"160Camden, NJ US
George BannonRJune 29, 1879Saugus, ME US
James BrownBuena Vista, PA US
Patrick Buckley
Thomas CampbellJuly 27, 1875Indianapolis, IN US
Chick CargoAugust 14, 1875Pittsburgh, PA US
Doc CurleyRRMarch 12, 1874Upton, MA US
Mike DohertyNew Haven, CT US
Cozy DolanLLDecember 3, 18725'10"160Cambridge, MA US
Jim DonnellyRRJuly 19, 18655'10"155New Haven, CT US
Frank EustaceNovember 7, 18735'9"160New York, NY US
Frank ForemanRRMay 1, 18636'0"160Baltimore, MD US

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