1931 Sacramento Senators Roster

Pacific Coast League (PCL) - Class: AA
Team Record: 86-101
6th in the PCL
Manager: Buddy Ryan (86-101)
Location: Sacramento, California
Ballpark: Moreing Field
Attendance: 114,270, Avg. 1,222
1931 Sacramento Senators Statistics

The Sacramento Senators of the Pacific Coast League ended the 1931 season with a record of 86 wins and 101 losses sixth in the PCL. Buddy Ryan served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
John AllowayRRJune 21, 1905, CA US
Lonny BackerRRFebruary 5, 19075'8"163Franklin, CA US
Arthur BellewLR
Frenchy BordagarayRRJanuary 3, 19105'7"175Coalinga, CA US
Eddie BryanLRMarch 26, 18996'1"180Belleville, IL US
Billy BurkeROakland, CA US
Dolph CamilliLLApril 23, 19075'10"185San Francisco, CA US
Roy ChesterfieldRRSeptember 16, 19036'1"185Brazil, IN US
Hap CollardRRAugust 29, 18986'0"170Williams, AZ US
Jack CostaLLMarch 24, 19085'10"180Sacramento, CA US
Frank DemareeRRJune 10, 19105'11"185Winters, CA US
Ray DwyerRDecember 12, 1906San Jose, CA US
E. Evans
Tom FlynnApril 23, 1906San Francisco, CA US
Tony FreitasRLMay 5, 19085'8"161Mill Valley, CA US
Ray FrenchRRJanuary 9, 18955'9"158Alameda, CA US
Larry GillickLRJuly 25, 19096'2"205Amador County, CA US
Stan HackLRDecember 6, 19096'0"170Sacramento, CA US
Clarence HamiltonRSeptember 23, 1907Sacramento, CA US
Bill HubbellRRJune 17, 18976'1"195Henderson, CO US
Bill KenealyMay 11, 1904, CA US
Art KoehlerRRJune 11, 18946'1"180Los Angeles, CA US
Harry KrohnRRFebruary 24, 19125'11"180
Jake LawlorRJuly 27, 1907Victor, IA US
George LialFebruary 12, 1904
Joe MangerAugust 15, 1902Benicia, CA US
Jim McLaughlinRRJanuary 3, 19025'8"168St. Louis, MO US
Joe MellanaRRMarch 11, 19055'10"180Oakland, CA US
Red MillerRRFebruary 11, 18975'11"195Philadelphia, PA US
Frank OsbornNovember 30, 1897Weatherby, MO US
Pete RicciJune 2, 1897Woodside, CA US
Ray RohwerLLJune 5, 18955'10"155Dixon, CA US
Hank SteinbacherLRMarch 22, 19135'11"180Sacramento, CA US
Chick SuggsR6'0"190, GA US
Lefty VinciLLSeptember 8, 19025'10"170San Francisco, CA US
Harry White
Kettle WirtsRROctober 30, 18975'11"170Cosumnes, CA US

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