Moreing Field

Also Known As: Edmonds Park 1946-1960; Doubleday Park 1944-1945; Cardinal Field 1936-1943; Buffalo Recreation Park 1909-1921
Location: Sacramento, CA
SE corner of Riverside (1B) & Y Street (3B) at 1st Avenue.
Capacity: 5,000 (1910); 6,000 (1920); 10,000 (1922); 11,000 (1939); 10,500 (1950)
Dimensions (Left, Center, Right): 410-405-280 (1910); 350-405-280 (1914); 320-405-330 (1922); 326-436-326 (1939)
Y Street is now Broadway & Riverside does not exist. Front Street may follow the route of Riverside. A 1911 map shows a park with a large, ramped grandstand, and a bleacher section down the RF line, separated from the field by a fence. The grandstand was 28 feet wide. It was linked to a 110-foot long bleacher section down the LF line. The catcher faced SSE. Sold for $60,000 in 1944. In 1952, the distance to center field was 452. The large grandstand was 30 feet high at the back. Bleacher sections ran to the wall. The park was destroyed by fire July 11, 1948, forcing the team to finish the season on the road. It was rebuilt for the 1949 season. Now it is the site of a supermarket.
Used by: Sacramento Sacts, Sacramento Sacts/Mission Wolves, Sacramento Senators, Sacramento Solons

Following are the minor league baseball teams known to have played at Moreing Field:

1960Sacramento SolonsPacific Coast League7381117,5961,527RosterStats
1959Sacramento SolonsPacific Coast League7876186,2382,419RosterStats
1958Sacramento SolonsPacific Coast League718395,2511,237RosterStats
1957Sacramento SolonsPacific Coast League63105113,9551,357RosterStats
1956Sacramento SolonsPacific Coast League8484157,1341,871RosterStats
1955Sacramento SolonsPacific Coast League7696163,5781,902RosterStats
1954Sacramento SolonsPacific Coast League7394186,2452,230RosterStats
1953Sacramento SolonsPacific Coast League75105180,2712,003RosterStats
1952Sacramento SolonsPacific Coast League66114159,7761,775RosterStats
1951Sacramento SolonsPacific Coast League7592285,8743,424RosterStats
1950Sacramento SolonsPacific Coast League81119279,3352,793RosterStats
1949Sacramento SolonsPacific Coast League10285447,5564,787RosterStats
1948Sacramento SolonsPacific Coast League75113293,0283,117RosterStats
1947Sacramento SolonsPacific Coast League83103390,9144,203RosterStats
1946Sacramento SolonsPacific Coast League9492349,8393,762RosterStats
1945Sacramento SolonsPacific Coast League9585310,7413,453RosterStats
1944Sacramento SolonsPacific Coast League7693199,8082,365RosterStats
1943Sacramento SolonsPacific Coast League4111431,694409RosterStats
1942Sacramento SolonsPacific Coast League10573144,0571,619RosterStats
1941Sacramento SolonsPacific Coast League10275165,5271,870RosterStats
1940Sacramento SolonsPacific Coast League908897,2331,093RosterStats
1939Sacramento SolonsPacific Coast League8888115,0021,307RosterStats
1938Sacramento SolonsPacific Coast League9582108,3541,224RosterStats
1937Sacramento SolonsPacific Coast League10276143,8271,616RosterStats
1936Sacramento SolonsPacific Coast League6511142,370481RosterStats
1935Sacramento SenatorsPacific Coast League7510049,324564RosterStats
1934Sacramento SenatorsPacific Coast League7910959,810636RosterStats
1933Sacramento SenatorsPacific Coast League968592,4451,021RosterStats
1932Sacramento SenatorsPacific Coast League1018868,476725RosterStats
1931Sacramento SenatorsPacific Coast League86101114,2701,222RosterStats
1930Sacramento SenatorsPacific Coast League10296241,1302,436RosterStats
1929Sacramento SenatorsPacific Coast League85117164,1581,625RosterStats
1928Sacramento SenatorsPacific Coast League11279275,8392,888RosterStats
1927Sacramento SenatorsPacific Coast League10095177,7891,823RosterStats
1926Sacramento SenatorsPacific Coast League99102171,4671,706RosterStats
1925Sacramento SenatorsPacific Coast League82119114,7161,141RosterStats
1924Sacramento SenatorsPacific Coast League88112173,2701,733RosterStats
1923Sacramento SenatorsPacific Coast League11287210,6812,117RosterStats
1922Sacramento SenatorsPacific Coast League76124160,0041,600RosterStats
1921Sacramento SenatorsPacific Coast League10580125,1231,353RosterStats
1920Sacramento SenatorsPacific Coast League89109137,0131,384RosterStats
1919Sacramento SenatorsPacific Coast League8583111,5711,328RosterStats
1918Sacramento SenatorsPacific Coast League4848RosterStats
1914Sacramento Sacts/Mission WolvesPacific Coast League90121RosterStats
1913Sacramento SactsPacific Coast League10394RosterStats
1912Sacramento SactsPacific Coast League73121RosterStats
1911Sacramento SactsPacific Coast League95109RosterStats
1910Sacramento SactsPacific Coast League83128RosterStats
1909Sacramento SactsPacific Coast League97107RosterStats

Attendance listed indicates the total home attendance for the team even if it played in multiple home ballparks or additional cities in the same year.

Average attendance is based on half the team's total games being played at home.

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