1951 Sacramento Solons Roster

Pacific Coast League (PCL) - Class: AAA
Team Record: 75-92
Finished 7th in the PCL
Manager: Joe Gordon (75-92)
Affiliation: Chicago White Sox
Location: Sacramento, California
Ballpark: Moreing Field
Attendance: 285,874, Avg. 3,424
1951 Sacramento Solons Statistics

The Sacramento Solons of the Pacific Coast League ended the 1951 season with a record of 75 wins and 92 losses, finishing seventh in the PCL.

The Solons scored 714 runs and surrendered 783 runs. Joe Gordon walloped 43 home runs for Sacramento and drove in 136 runs. Bob Boyd topped all regular hitters by connecting at a .342 clip, and Glenn Elliott led the team with 15 wins and a team-best 3.1 ERA, tops among hurlers with significant time on the mound.

Members of the 1951 Sacramento Solons who played in Major League Baseball during their careers were Joe Marty, Mike Palm, Herman Reich, Vinnie Smith, Jerry Scala, Bill Powell, Fuzz White, Jim Tabor, Glenn Elliott, Joe Gordon, Bob Gillespie, Jesse Flores, Walker Cress, Ken Gables, Alex Carrasquel, Bob Boyd, Al Benton, Orval Grove, Sam Hairston, Ed Klieman, Ken Keltner, Ralph Hodgin and Al Lakeman.

Joe Gordon served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Al BentonRRMarch 18, 19116'4"215Noble, OK US
Bob BoydLLOctober 1, 19195'10"170Potts Camp, MS US
Gene BrockerRRMarch 2, 19215'9"180Leward, TX US
Alex CarrasquelRRJuly 24, 19126'1"182Caracas, Distrito Federal VE
Walt CloughRRApril 29, 19265'11"165Auburn, WA US
Walker CressRRMarch 6, 19176'5"205Ben Hur, VA US
Theodore Del GuercioRRDecember 29, 19276'2"195Newark, NJ US
Glenn ElliottSLNovember 11, 19195'10"170Sapulpa, OK US
Dick FaberLLJuly 13, 19286'0"175Santa Ana, CA US
Jesse FloresRRNovember 2, 19145'10"175Guadalajara, Jalisco MX
Ken GablesRRJanuary 31, 19195'11"210Walnut Grove, MO US
Tom GalliRRDecember 9, 19315'10"180Sacramento, CA US
Bob GillespieRROctober 8, 19196'4"187Columbus, OH US
Joe GordonRRFebruary 18, 19155'10"180Los Angeles, CA US
Orval GroveRRAugust 29, 19196'3"196Mineral, KS US
Harry GrubbLLApril 24, 19215'9"170Litchfield, IL US
Sam HairstonRRJanuary 20, 19205'10"187Crawford, MS US
Ralph HodginLRFebruary 10, 19155'10"167Greensboro, NC US
Sam KanelosSOctober 15, 19305'10"170Sacramento, CA US
Ken KeltnerRROctober 31, 19166'0"190Milwaukee, WI US
Ed KliemanRRMarch 21, 19186'1"190Norwood, OH US
Al LakemanRRDecember 31, 19186'2"195Cincinnati, OH US
Joe MartyRRSeptember 1, 19136'0"182Sacramento, CA US
Johnny MooreRDecember 13, 19295'10"172Los Angeles, CA US
Frank NelsonRRJuly 30, 19185'10"175San Pablo, CA US
Mike PalmRRFebruary 13, 19256'3"190Boston, MA US
Jack PickartRRJuly 25, 19306'2"195Sacramento, CA US
Andy PiesikLNovember 4, 19246'0"175Bay City, MI US
Bill PowellLRMay 8, 19196'0"195Comer, GA US
Len RattoRRJuly 13, 19205'11"167Alameda, CA US
Herman ReichRLNovember 23, 19176'2"200Bell, CA US
Charles RighettiRMarch 4, 19256'1"165San Francisco, CA US
Gene RoenspieRRJanuary 2, 19306'0"162Sacramento, CA US
Jerry ScalaLRSeptember 27, 19245'11"178Bayonne, NJ US
Vinnie SmithRRDecember 7, 19156'1"176Richmond, VA US
Jim TaborRRNovember 5, 19166'2"175New Hope, AL US
Art ThrasherRFebruary 8, 19286'1"195Bellflower, CA US
Fuzz WhiteLRJune 27, 19166'0"175Springfield, MO US
Bill WoopLLSeptember 13, 19236'1"210New York, NY US

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