1955 Sacramento Solons Roster

Pacific Coast League (PCL) - Class: Open
Team Record: 76-96
8th in the PCL
Manager: Tony Freitas (76-96)
Location: Sacramento, California
Ballpark: Moreing Field
Attendance: 163,578, Avg. 1,902
1955 Sacramento Solons Statistics

The Sacramento Solons of the Pacific Coast League ended the 1955 season with a record of 76 wins and 96 losses, eighth in the PCL.

The Solons scored 595 runs, worst in the league, and yielded 725 runs. Jake Crawford paced Sacramento with 13 home runs Nippy Jones drove in 91 runs and topped hitters with significant playing time by connecting at a .309 clip. Marino Pieretti paced the team with 19 wins, while John Briggs and Bud Daley also added 15 or more victories also Marino Pieretti registered a 3.01 earned run average, tops among regularly-used pitchers.

Members of the 1955 Sacramento Solons who played in Major League Baseball during their careers were Al Brazle, John Briggs, Harry Bright, Milo Candini, Jake Crawford, Bud Daley, Bob Dillinger, Chuck Essegian, Nanny Fernandez, Tommy Glaviano, Earl Harrist, Al Heist, Chet Johnson, Nippy Jones, Ed Mierkowicz, Pete Milne, Richie Myers, Marino Pieretti, Hank Schenz, Bud Sheely, Leo Thomas and Jackie Tobin.

Tony Freitas served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Thomas AgostaRRAugust 10, 19335'10"150Sacramento, CA US
Emil PatrickRRJuly 24, 19275'10"175Cleveland, OH US
Roger OsenbaughRRJune 30, 19306'3"180Sacramento, CA US
Richie MyersRRApril 7, 19305'6"150Sacramento, CA US
Pete MilneLRApril 10, 19256'1"180Mobile, AL US
Ed MierkowiczRRMarch 6, 19246'4"205Wyandotte, MI US
Jim McKeeganRRJune 5, 19315'9"180Baker, OR US
Nippy JonesRRJune 29, 19256'1"185Los Angeles, CA US
Lee JonesRRApril 1, 19286'1"190Fairfax, OK US
Jack PickartRRJuly 25, 19306'2"195Sacramento, CA US
Marino PierettiRRSeptember 23, 19205'7"153Luccia, IT
Jackie TobinLRJanuary 8, 19216'0"165Oakland, CA US
Leo ThomasRRJuly 26, 19235'11"178Turlock, CA US
Jerry StreeterRRSeptember 19, 19315'10"170Modesto, CA US
Jack SteinagelRApril 16, 19336'3"205Sacramento, CA US
Keith SpeckRRSeptember 11, 19286'3"190Perry, IA US
Bud SheelyLRNovember 26, 19206'1"200Spokane, WA US
Hank SchenzRRApril 11, 19195'9"175New Richmond, OH US
Russ RosburgRLApril 20, 19306'1"190Seattle, WA US
Chet JohnsonLLAugust 1, 19176'0"175Redmond, WA US
Don HunterLJuly 27, 19315'11"180Omaha, NE US
Ed CereghinoRRNovember 24, 19336'2"205San Francisco, CA US
Milo CandiniRRAugust 3, 19176'0"187Manteca, CA US
Harry BrightRRSeptember 22, 19296'0"190Kansas City, MO US
John BriggsRRJanuary 24, 19345'10"175Natoma, CA US
Al BrazleLLOctober 19, 19136'2"185Loyal, OK US
Charles BellRRFebruary 10, 19296'1"175Redondo Beach, CA US
Danny BaichRRDecember 25, 19255'11"190Detroit, MI US
Len AttydRRMay 3, 19255'7"140Oakland, CA US
Jake CrawfordRRMarch 20, 19286'1"185Campbell, MO US
Bud DaleyLLOctober 7, 19326'1"185Orange, CA US
Bud HesletRRFebruary 27, 19206'2"205Topeka, KS US
Al HeistRROctober 5, 19276'2"185Brooklyn, NY US
Earl HarristRRApril 20, 19196'0"175Dubach, LA US
Tommy GlavianoRROctober 26, 19235'9"175Sacramento, CA US
Nanny FernandezRROctober 25, 19185'9"170Wilmington, CA US
Chuck EssegianRRAugust 9, 19315'11"200Boston, MA US
Jim EnglemanRJanuary 2, 19296'0"200Pontiac, MI US
Bob DillingerRRSeptember 17, 19185'11"170Glendale, CA US
Bud WatkinsRRJanuary 23, 19316'3"198Chicago, IL US

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