1947 Sacramento Solons Roster

Pacific Coast League (PCL) - Class: AAA
Team Record: 83-103
7th in the PCL
Manager: Dick Bartell (83-103)
Location: Sacramento, California
Ballpark: Moreing Field
Attendance: 390,914, Avg. 4,203
1947 Sacramento Solons Statistics

The Sacramento Solons of the Pacific Coast League ended the 1947 season with a record of 83 wins and 103 losses seventh in the PCL. The team scored 857 runs, while allowing 989 runs. Dick Bartell served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Gene BabbittRRNovember 11, 19156'2"180Central City, IA US
Bob BarthelsonRRJuly 15, 19246'0"185New Haven, CT US
Bud BeasleyLLDecember 8, 19105'8"170Melrose, NM US
Jake CaulfieldRRNovember 23, 19175'11"170Los Angeles, CA US
Rex CecilLROctober 8, 19166'3"195Lindsay, OK US
Bill ClemensenRRJune 20, 19196'1"193New Brunswick, NJ US
Charles CroninRRJanuary 27, 19145'11"160Steubenville, OH US
Frank DassoRRAugust 31, 19175'11"185Chicago, IL US
John DayR6'0"190
Ed FernandesSRMarch 11, 19185'9"185Oakland, CA US
Ed Fitz GeraldRRMay 21, 19246'0"170Santa Ynez, CA US
Guy FletcherRRAugust 23, 19106'0"190East Bend, NC US
Tony FreitasRLMay 5, 19085'8"161Mill Valley, CA US
Joe GonzalesRRMarch 19, 19155'9"175San Francisco, CA US
Ray HarrellRRFebruary 16, 19126'1"185Petrolia, TX US
Clyde HaskellRJune 28, 19286'1"171Los Angeles, CA US
Ken HolcombeRRAugust 23, 19185'11"169Burnsville, NC US
Sig JakuckiRRAugust 20, 19096'2"198Camden, NJ US
Alex KampourisRRNovember 13, 19125'8"155Sacramento, CA US
Garth MannRRNovember 16, 19156'0"155Brandon, TX US
Joe MartyRRSeptember 1, 19136'0"182Sacramento, CA US
Lou McCollumRROctober 28, 19166'4"190Woodland, Wa US
George McDonaldLLApril 12, 19186'0"195Seattle, WA US
Steve MesnerRRJanuary 13, 19185'9"178Los Angeles, CA US
Dee MooreRRApril 6, 19145'11"190Hedley, TX US
Frank NelsonRRJuly 30, 19185'10"175San Pablo, CA US
Tommy NelsonRRMay 1, 19175'11"180Chicago, IL US
Hugh OrphanRRJune 9, 19186'1"190Flint, MI US
Nick PesutLDecember 31, 19206'0"215DeKalb, IL US
Bill RamseyRRFebruary 20, 19206'0"175Osceola, AR US
Charlie RippleLLDecember 1, 19206'2"210Bolton, NC US
Johnny RizzoRRJuly 30, 19126'0"190Houston, TX US
Johnny RuckerLRJanuary 15, 19176'2"175Crabapple, GA US
Rip RussellRRJanuary 26, 19156'1"180Los Angeles, CA US
Mike SchemerLLNovember 20, 19176'0"180Baltimore, MD US
Al SmithLLOctober 12, 19075'11"180Belleville, IL US
Ron SmithLRJune 16, 19146'0"185Etna, WA US
Bruno SomenziRRSeptember 17, 19176'0"170Highwood, IL US
Averett ThompsonLRJanuary 14, 19155'11"175Clarksville, TN US
Joe VivaldaRRJune 13, 19246'2"165Burr, KY US
Jim WarnerRRSeptember 23, 19236'0"200San Diego, CA US
Mel WasleyLApril 19, 19175'7"160Grass Valley, CA US
Leo WellsRRJuly 18, 19175'9"170Kansas City, KS US
Gabby WilliamsLApril 5, 19236'0"210Bonners Ferry, ID US
John ZipayLLAugust 3, 19156'1"195

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