2014 Sugar Land Skeeters Roster

Atlantic League (AL) - Independent
Team Record: 80-60
2nd in the AL's Freedom Division
Manager: Gary Gaetti (80-60)
Location: Sugar Land, Texas
Ballpark: Constellation Field
Attendance: 383,465, Avg. 5,557 in 69 home dates
2014 Sugar Land Skeeters Statistics

Playoffs - Sugar Land Skeeters 3 games, York Revolution 2
Finals - Lancaster Barnstormers 3 games, Sugar Land Skeeters 0

The Sugar Land Skeeters of the Atlantic League ended the 2014 season with a record of 80 wins and 60 losses, second in the league's Freedom Division. The team scored 587 runs, while allowing 537 runs. Gary Gaetti served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Delwyn YoungSRJune 30, 19825'10"209Los Angeles, CA US
Dominic RamosRRMarch 10, 19835'10"180Austin, TX US
David PauleyRRJune 17, 19836'2"215Longmont, CO US
Alex NunezLRApril 30, 19815'11"170Valencia, Carabobo VE
Michael NixRRMay 21, 19836'5"235Auburn, AL US
Steve MossRRJanuary 12, 19846'2"210Los Angeles, CA US
Neil MedchillLRJune 25, 19876'4"220Oxford, MI US
Dan MeadowsLLNovember 3, 19876'6"220Fort Worth, TX US
Tracy McGradyRRMay 24, 19796'8"210Bartow, FL US
Michael RockettRRJuly 26, 19876'1"180Sugar Land, TX US
Rusty RyalRRMarch 16, 19836'2"200Ponca City, OK US
Matt WrightRRMarch 13, 19826'4"270Waco, TX US
Brandon WoodRRMarch 2, 19856'3"205Austin, TX US
Jared WellsRROctober 31, 19816'4"200Freeport, TX US
Cory VanAllenLLDecember 24, 19846'3"180Bakersfield, CA US
Rene TosoniLRJuly 2, 19866'0"195Toronto, ON CA
Nick StavinohaRRMay 3, 19826'2"240Houston, TX US
Chris SmithRRApril 9, 19816'0"190Apple Valley, CA US
Travis ScottLRApril 24, 19856'3"220Milwaukee, WI US
Dustin MartinLLApril 4, 19846'2"215Corpus Christi, TX US
Gary MajewskiRRFebruary 26, 19806'2"200Houston, TX US
Danny LehmannRRSeptember 5, 19855'11"190Denver, CO US
Sean GallagherRRDecember 30, 19856'2"220Boston, MA US
Clint EvertsSRAugust 10, 19846'2"195Houston, TX US
Travis DenkerRRAugust 5, 19855'9"205Fountain Valley, CA US
Ramon DelgadoRRSeptember 3, 19866'3"195Tucson, AZ US
Roy CorcoranRRMay 11, 19805'10"190Baton Rouge, LA US
Koby ClemensRRDecember 4, 19865'11"210Houston, TX US
Brian BroderickRRSeptember 1, 19866'6"205Phoenix, AZ US
Brian BartonRRApril 25, 19826'3"190Los Angeles, CA US
Adam GodwinRRDecember 13, 19825'11"170Alexander City, AL US
Steve HammondRLApril 30, 19826'2"205Vallejo, CA US
Ryan LangerhansLLFebruary 20, 19806'3"220San Antonio, TX US
Chase LambinSRJuly 7, 19796'2"195Houston, TX US
Ben KozlowskiLLAugust 16, 19806'6"220St. Petersburg, FL US
Andrew JohnstonRRApril 20, 19846'5"205St. Louis, MO US
Todd JenningsRRDecember 10, 19816'0"215Orangevale, CA US
Bridger HuntRRJuly 24, 19855'11"165Oviedo, FL US
Clay HensleyRRAugust 31, 19795'11"190Tomball, TX US
Taylor HarbinRRFebruary 13, 19865'9"171Greenville, SC US
Denny AlmonteSRSeptember 24, 19886'2"190Miami, FL US

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.

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