1921 Syracuse Stars Roster

International League (IL) - Class: AA
Team Record: 71-96
6th in the IL
Manager: Tommy Madden (0-0), Shag Shaughnessy (0-0)
Affiliation: St. Louis Cardinals
Location: Syracuse, New York
Ballpark: Star Park
Attendance: 115,985, Avg. 1,389
1921 Syracuse Stars Statistics

The Syracuse Stars of the International League ended the 1921 season with a record of 71 wins and 96 losses, sixth in the IL. Tommy Madden and Shag Shaughnessy served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Lee WitterstaetterJanuary 13, 1890, OH US
Braggo RothRRAugust 28, 18925'7"170Chicago, IL US
Lawrence Prediger
Ole OlsenRRSeptember 12, 18945'10"163South Norwalk, CT US
Charlie NiebergallRRMay 23, 18995'10"160New York, NY US
Heinie MuellerLLSeptember 16, 18995'8"158St. Louis, MO US
Leslie Montgomery
Jakie MayRLNovember 25, 18955'8"178Youngsville, NC US
Frank SchulteLRSeptember 17, 18825'11"170Cochecton, NY US
Walt SchulzRRApril 16, 19006'0"170St. Louis, MO US
Clarence Wanner
Robert Unglaub
Specs ToporcerLRFebruary 9, 18995'10"165New York, NY US
Paul SmithLRMay 7, 18886'1"190Mount Zion, IL US
Art SmithRRAugust 17, 18935'11"185Delvan, KS US
Richard Simon
Shag ShaughnessyRRApril 8, 18836'1"185Amboy, IL US
Epp SellRRApril 26, 18976'0"175Llewellyn, PA US
Gene MaddenLRJune 5, 18905'10"155Elm Grove, WV US
Bunny MaddenRRSeptember 14, 18825'10"190Boston, MA US
Hobey Light
Harry Donovan
Frank DodsonCoalhill, AR US
George Dillon
Edward Delaney
Swede CarlstromRROctober 26, 18866'0"167Elizabeth, NJ US
Eugene CalderaLNovember 23, 1898, IT
Ed Bliss
Joe BenesRRJanuary 8, 19015'8"158Long Island City, NY US
Jewel EnsRRAugust 24, 18895'10"165St. Louis, MO US
Jimmy EsmondRRAugust 8, 18895'11"167Albany, NY US
Leslie Kuhnert
Matthew Kirley
Mike KircherSRSeptember 30, 18976'0"180Rochester, NY US
Al GrabowskiLLSeptember 4, 19015'11"175Syracuse, NY US
George GilhamRRSeptember 8, 18995'11"164Shamokin, PA US
George Faulkner
Sparky AdamsRRAugust 26, 18945'5"151Zerbe, PA US

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