1922 Syracuse Stars Roster

International League (IL) - Class: AA
Team Record: 64-102
Finished 7th in the IL
Manager: Shag Shaughnessy (64-102)
Affiliation: St. Louis Cardinals
Location: Syracuse, New York
Ballpark: Star Park
Attendance: 97,587, Avg. 1,176
1922 Syracuse Stars Statistics

The Syracuse Stars of the International League ended the 1922 season with a record of 64 wins and 102 losses, finishing seventh in the IL.

Shag Shaughnessy served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Bill BarnesRRJune 27, 1902
Sam BarnesLRDecember 18, 18995'8"150Suggsville, AL US
Les BellRRDecember 14, 19015'11"165Harrisburg, PA US
Sid BentonRRAugust 4, 18946'1"170Buckner, AR US
Jim BottomleyLLApril 23, 19006'0"180Oglesby, IL US
Robert Burman
Sam Carter
Warwick ComstockSJune 30, 18955'10"165New Orleans, LA US
Milton Dixon
Jean DubucRRSeptember 15, 18885'10"185St. Johnsbury, VT US
James DuffySR6'1"180
Eddie DyerLLOctober 11, 18995'11"168Morgan City, LA US
Robert Edgar
Fred Fisher
Howard FreigauRRAugust 1, 19025'10"160Dayton, OH US
Fred Gadsby
Howie JonesLLMarch 1, 18975'11"165Irwin, PA US
Walter KeatingRRAugust 8, 18915'9"155Philadelphia, PA US
Jim KellyLRFebruary 1, 18845'10"180Bloomfield, NJ US
Mike KircherSRSeptember 30, 18976'0"180Rochester, NY US
Mat Kirley
John Leddy
Fred LynchJanuary 16, 1899
George MakinLRAugust 7, 19005'10"155Parkersburg, WA US
Harry McCurdyLRSeptember 15, 18995'11"187Stevens Point, WI US
John MohardtRRJanuary 21, 18985'10"165Pittsburgh, PA US
Leslie Montgomery
Charlie NiebergallRRMay 23, 18995'10"160New York, NY US
Jimmy O'RourkeRRDecember 26, 18835'7"150Bridgeport, CT US
Rayfield Perry
Art ReinhartLLMay 29, 18996'1"170Ackley, IA US
Jim RileyRRNovember 10, 18866'0"165Buffalo, NY US
Arthur RyanMarch 1, 1896
Ray RyanLRFebruary 18, 1883St. Martin, OH US
Walt SchulzRRApril 16, 19006'0"170St. Louis, MO US
Epp SellRRApril 26, 18976'0"175Llewellyn, PA US
Shag ShaughnessyRRApril 8, 18836'1"185Amboy, IL US
Art SmithRRAugust 17, 18935'11"185Delvan, KS US
Ed SperberLLJanuary 21, 18955'11"175Cincinnati, OH US
Herbert Steen
Bill StewartRRSeptember 20, 18955'6"185Fitchburg, MA US
Lefty StewartRLSeptember 23, 19005'10"160Sparta, TN US
Johnny StuartRRApril 27, 19015'11"170Clinton, TN US
Ernie VickRRJuly 2, 19005'9"185Toledo, OH US
Earl Wagner
Clarence Wanner
Irvin WimerRRJuly 12, 1898

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.

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