1950 Sherman-Denison Twins Roster

Big State League (BSL) - Class: B
Team Record: 54-91
7th in the BSL
Manager: Homer Peel (54-91)
Location: Denison, Texas; Sherman, Texas
Ballpark: Twin City Park
Attendance: 48,762, Avg. 673
1950 Sherman-Denison Twins Statistics

The Sherman-Denison Twins of the Big State League ended the 1950 season with a record of 54 wins and 91 losses, seventh in the BSL.

The Sherman- Twins scored 701 runs and conceded 868 runs, most in the circuit.

Members of the 1950 Sherman-Denison Twins who played in Major League Baseball during their careers were Luis Suarez, Monty Stratton and Izzy Leon.

Homer Peel served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Ray TaylorLJanuary 10, 19155'9"152Newark, TX US
Hollis Lucas
Charles LoflandMarch 11, 1931193Clarksville, TX US
Izzy LeonRRJanuary 4, 19115'10"160Cruces, Las Villas CU
Marvin HollemanSLDecember 11, 19235'10"170
Dean Hitt
Jose FernandezRR5'8"155
Gil GuerraRR6'2"170, CU
Carroll DialRROctober 20, 19255'10"160Altus, OK US
Morris CowserR6'1"180
Pete ColombattoRDecember 6, 19235'10"160
Levi ClayLL5'11"183
Roy ClarkRR6'2"200
Gilberto CastilloR6'0"165
Jack BradsherRRAugust 5, 19175'10"185Leslie, AR US
Chino BernalR5'8"185
Manuel MantarasR5'10"180
Wayne MoonNovember 2, 1926192
Jake SuytarRRJuly 10, 19176'5"215Ventura, CA US
Robert SunbladL5'11"175
Ed SudolRRSeptember 13, 19206'3"193Passaic, NJ US
Luis SuarezRRAugust 24, 19165'11"170Alto Songo, CU
Monty StrattonRRMay 21, 19126'5"180Wagner, TX US
Donald StokesLJuly 13, 19215'10"184
Jack Seabaugh
Dean StaffordRRDecember 8, 19216'1"205
William ReyesR5'8"156
Julio RamosLLJuly 9, 19255'8"135San Juan y Martinez, Pinar del Rio CU
Frank QuicutisR5'11"180
Francisco PerezRR6'0"195
Joe PateRRApril 28, 19136'0"190Fulton, AR US
Eduardo NoriegaRR5'10"150
George Matthews
Jose BlancoR5'9"158

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