Sherman-Denison Twins
Franchise History

Most wins in a season: 94 in 1948
Most losses in a season: 91 in 1950

The Sherman-Denison Twins, a minor league baseball team, played in the Texas Association, Big State League and Sooner State League between 1923 and 1953.


1923Sherman-Denison TwinsTexas Association7267RosterStats
1947Sherman-Denison TwinsBig State League6985RosterStats81,5501,059
1948Sherman-Denison TwinsBig State League9451RosterStats117,0461,614
1949Sherman-Denison TwinsBig State League7078RosterStats77,4741,047
1950Sherman-Denison TwinsBig State League5491RosterStats48,762673
1951Sherman-Denison TwinsBig State League7968RosterStats60,059817
1952Sherman-Denison TwinsSooner State League7268RosterStats19,815283
1953Sherman-Denison TwinsSooner State League6177RosterStats18,784272

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