1903 Terre Haute Hottentots Roster

Central League (CL) - Class: B
Team Record: 58-80
7th in the CL
Manager: Roxey Walters (0-0), Andy Sommers (0-0), William James (0-0), Ed Beecher (0-0)
Location: Terre Haute, Indiana
Ballpark: Athletics Park

1903 Terre Haute Hottentots Statistics

The Terre Haute Hottentots of the Central League ended the 1903 season with a record of 58 wins and 80 losses, seventh in the CL.

Roxey Walters, Andy Sommers, William James and Ed Beecher served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Del SayersMarch 19, 1876Morrow County, OH US
Ed RickeyJune 1, 1875
Branch RickeyLRDecember 20, 18815'9"175Flat, OH US
Bill RichardsonRRJanuary 24, 18785'11"200Salem, IN US
Ed Reed
Phil RanzLMay 0, 1875
Ed Popp
Dick ScottRRFebruary 5, 18836'0"180Bethel, OH US
Fred SmithRRNovember 24, 18786'0"186New Diggings, WI US
George Wilkinson
Tom WhealonFebruary 17, 18755'9"180
Lew Walters
Cy TorrenceJuly 5, 1874, IN US
Ross ThorntonFebruary 17, 1882, IN US
Jack Thompson
Pete SommersLMay 0, 1868
Bill PoppRJune 7, 18775'10"170St. Louis, MO US
Fred EggersJanuary 23, 1881, KY US
Al Decker
Charlie DeArmondRRFebruary 13, 18775'10"165Okeana, OH US
James CrangleLLOctober 26, 18805'9"170
Buck ConnorsLJuly 23, 1879Port Huron, MI US
Billy CherryRJune 0, 1872
John Brown
Ed BiecherAugust 27, 1875St. Louis, MO US
Frank BadgerSeptember 12, 18715'11"190Oshkosh, WI US
Frank FreyJune 10, 1882
Frank GrubbsR
Chip HanfordMay 16, 1875
Paddy LivingstonRRJanuary 14, 18805'8"197Cleveland, OH US
Grant LaBarge
Jimmy KuhnApril 17, 1874, PA US
Rudy KlingRRMarch 23, 18705'10"178St. Louis, MO US
Ed JusticeMay 0, 1884, IN US
Ed HugRRJuly 14, 18805'8"Fayetteville, OH US
Fred HolmesRRJuly 1, 18785'7"145Chicago, IL US

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