Terre Haute Hottentots
Franchise History

Most wins in a season: 76 in 1904
Most losses in a season: 106 in 1906

The Terre Haute Hottentots, an independent, minor league baseball team, played in the Northwestern League, Illinois-Iowa League, Western Inter-State League, Wisconsin State League, Central League and Illinois-Iowa-Indiana League between 1891 and 1909.


1891Terre Haute HottentotsNorthwestern League2841RosterStats
1892Terre Haute HottentotsIllinois-Iowa League2527RosterStats
1895Terre Haute HottentotsWestern Inter-State League125RosterStats
1900Terre Haute HottentotsCentral League4861RosterStats
1901Terre Haute HottentotsIllinois-Indiana-Iowa League7239RosterStats31,461567
1902Terre Haute HottentotsIllinois-Indiana-Iowa League7053RosterStats
1903Terre Haute HottentotsCentral League5880RosterStats
1904Terre Haute HottentotsCentral League7663RosterStats
1905Terre Haute HottentotsCentral League4789RosterStats29,000426
1906Terre Haute HottentotsCentral League44106RosterStats
1907Terre Haute HottentotsCentral League6572RosterStats
1908Terre Haute HottentotsCentral League6375RosterStats
1909Terre Haute HottentotsCentral League6573RosterStats

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