1905 Terre Haute Hottentots Roster

Central League (CL) - Class: B
Team Record: 47-89
8th in the CL
Manager: Mum Warrender (0-0), Bert Dennis (0-0)
Location: Terre Haute, Indiana
Ballpark: Athletics Park
Attendance: 29,000, Avg. 426
1905 Terre Haute Hottentots Statistics

The Terre Haute Hottentots of the Central League ended the 1905 season with a record of 47 wins and 89 losses, eighth in the CL.

Mum Warrender and Bert Dennis served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Willy WilsonRRJanuary 7, 1885Columbus, OH US
Bunny PearceRRMarch 17, 18856'1"185Corning, OH US
Kohly MillerJanuary 17, 18735'9"145Cumru Township, PA US
John MassingOctober 26, 1878Indianapolis, IN US
Harry MartinMay 0, 1885Grand Rapids, MI US
Dave MartinRR6'0"170
Jimmy KuhnApril 17, 1874, PA US
Charlie KrauseROctober 2, 18735'6"160Detroit, MI US
Pat RaganRRNovember 15, 18835'10"185Blanchard, IA US
Bill RichardsonRRJanuary 24, 18785'11"200Salem, IN US
Dal WilliamsSeptember 7, 18696'0"175Anderson, IN US
Mum WarrenderNovember 8, 1879Anderson, IN US
Jack Thompson
Harry Taylor
John Sussman
Ace StewartRRFebruary 14, 18695'10"176Terre Haute, IN US
Fred SmithRRNovember 24, 18786'0"186New Diggings, WI US
John SeibertNovember 11, 1879Columbus, OH US
Harry RuhFebruary 0, 1882, KY US
Louis HuntOctober 0, 1876, OH US
Al Decker
Charlie DeArmondRRFebruary 13, 18775'10"165Okeana, OH US
Gene CurtisRRMay 5, 18836'3"220Bethany, WV US
Ralph Craig
Tyler ChristianSRNovember 17, 18825'11"180Sardis, MS US
Clayton Chapman
John BrownWashington, IN US
Jimmy Barton, KY US
Ed AsherRSeptember 15, 1882
Bert Dennis
Con HarlowLRJanuary 21, 1872187Portland, OR US
Clyde Gay
Charley Fox
Will ForneyNovember 1, 1884, IN US
Bill FleetMarch 19, 1878
Charles Andrews

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