1907 Terre Haute Hottentots Roster

Central League (CL) - Class: B
Team Record: 65-72
6th in the CL
Manager: Jack McConnell (0-0), Don Cameron (0-0)
Location: Terre Haute, Indiana
Ballpark: Athletics Park

1907 Terre Haute Hottentots Statistics

The Terre Haute Hottentots of the Central League ended the 1907 season with a record of 65 wins and 72 losses, sixth in the CL.

Jack McConnell and Don Cameron served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Mike Brosius
Jack McConnell
Albert Minor
Walter Moore
Tommy Morris
Bert NoblettLSeptember 8, 1878
Fred PopeAugust 18, 1884
Bernard Robinson
Tommy RonanOctober 0, 1883Chicago, IL US
George SchaeferJanuary 15, 1879South Bend, IN US
Orrie Scott
Fred SmithRRNovember 24, 18786'0"186New Diggings, WI US
Andy StevensonMarch 22, 1882
Harry VahrenhorstRRFebruary 13, 18856'1"175St. Louis, MO US
George WheelerLRNovember 10, 18815'9"180Shelburn, IN US
T. H. Wilcox
Pat McAndrewsDecember 0, 1886, IL US
Harry MartinMay 0, 1885Grand Rapids, MI US
Don CameronLRNovember 29, 18776'1"LaCrescent, MN US
Will ChenaultRAugust 3, 1884
Frank CrossRJanuary 20, 18735'9"161Cleveland, OH US
Arista DeHavenRRSeptember 27, 18815'7"145, IN US
Frank Dobson
Len DonovanFebruary 0, 1884, OH US
Claude DouthettNovember 7, 1886Springfield, MO US
Harry Freese
Carl Glidewell
Clyde Goodman
Hubert HadleyNovember 21, 1878Rochester, MI US
Dan KearneyApril 15, 1881
Al Kuhn
Dave MartinRR6'0"170
Rip WilliamsRRJanuary 31, 18825'11"187Carthage, IL US

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