1908 Taylorville Tailors Roster

Eastern Illinois League (EIL) - Class: D
Team Record: 56-39
2nd in the EIL
Manager: M. F. "Billy" Ryan (56-39)
Location: Taylorville, Illinois
Ballpark: Unknown

1908 Taylorville Tailors Statistics

The Taylorville Tailors of the Eastern Illinois League ended the 1908 season with a record of 56 wins and 39 losses, second in the EIL. M. F. "Billy" Ryan served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Clyde Kessling
Frank McCluskey
George Morris
Charles O'BertaOctober 29, 1885
Joseph Percival
Art PhelanRRAugust 14, 18875'8"160Niantic, IL US
Marty PurtellLJuly 23, 18895'8"148
E. Renkle
Clarence Roth
Billy Ryan
Herbert SackettNovember 13, 1881
Guy Saint
Peter Schlinsker
L. D. Van Meter
Mose JustusApril 8, 1885
Elmer JohnsonRRJune 12, 18845'9"185Beard, IN US
Quint HuntFebruary 22, 1879
Roy BlausserDecember 11, 18845'6"150
James Carr
Neil Connaughton
Dave Dickey
Walter DiehlLJuly 17, 1881
George DoveAugust 15, 1884
Seth DoveJuly 30, 1886
Earl Fanning
William Flannigan
Cy ForsytheMarch 28, 1885Earlington, KY US
Warrick HargroveMarch 17, 1886
Ducky Hemp
Sis HopkinsLJanuary 25, 1882, VA US

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