1977 Tucson Toros Roster

Pacific Coast League (PCL) - Class: AAA
Team Record: 65-73
Finished 3rd in the PCL's East Division
Manager: Rich Donnelly (65-73)
Affiliation: Texas Rangers
Location: Tucson, Arizona
Ballpark: Hi Corbett Field
Attendance: 123,520, Avg. 1,790
1977 Tucson Toros Statistics

The Tucson Toros of the Pacific Coast League ended the 1977 season with a record of 65 wins and 73 losses, finishing third in the league's East Division.

The Toros scored 831 runs and allowed 890 runs. Keith Smith led Tucson with 19 home runs, and Pat Putnam walloped 20 or more, too. Pat Putnam drove in 102 runs. Lew Beasley paced all regular batters with a .328 average. Bobby Cuellar topped the squad with 10 wins, while Bob Babcock recorded a 4.57 ERA, best among hurlers with significant time on the mound.

Members of the 1977 Tucson Toros who played in Major League Baseball during their careers were Steve Comer, Rick Stelmaszek, Ken Pape, Len Barker, John Poloni, Mike Wallace, Gary Gray, Lew Beasley, LaRue Washington, David Clyde, Kurt Bevacqua, Greg Mahlberg, Bob Babcock, Bobby Cuellar, Mike Bacsik, Pat Putnam, Bobby Thompson, Dave Moates, Keith Smith and Tommy Boggs.

Rich Donnelly served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Bob BabcockRRAugust 25, 19496'5"210New Castle, PA US
Mike BacsikRRApril 1, 19526'2"180Dallas, TX US
Len BarkerRRJuly 7, 19556'5"225Fort Knox, KY US
Lew BeasleyLRAugust 27, 19485'10"172Sparta, VA US
Kurt BevacquaRRJanuary 23, 19476'0"180Miami Beach, FL US
Tommy BoggsRROctober 25, 19556'2"195Poughkeepsie, NY US
Jerry BosticLLAugust 16, 19486'0"185Elgin, TX US
Don BrightRRDecember 3, 19516'2"200Shelby, NC US
Mike BucciRRJuly 5, 19535'11"180Reading, PA US
Keath ChaunceyLLAugust 15, 19515'9"155Dade City, FL US
David ClydeLLApril 22, 19556'1"180Kansas City, KS US
Steve ComerSRJanuary 13, 19546'3"195Minneapolis, MN US
Bobby CuellarRRAugust 20, 19525'11"188Alice, TX US
Gary GrayRRSeptember 21, 19526'0"187New Orleans, LA US
David HarperRRDecember 22, 19536'3"195Warrington, GB
Greg MahlbergRRAugust 8, 19525'10"180Milwaukee, WI US
Dave MoatesLLJanuary 30, 19485'9"163Great Lakes, IL US
Dave MoharterLLJuly 12, 19496'1"170Berwick, PA US
Brian NakamotoRRNovember 26, 19505'11"190Palo Alto, CA US
Ed NottleRROctober 22, 19395'9"176Philadelphia, PA US
Ken PapeRROctober 1, 19515'11"195San Antonio, TX US
Wayne PinkertonSRSeptember 16, 19536'1"175
John PoloniLLFebruary 28, 19546'5"210Dearborn, MI US
Glenn PurvisRRApril 24, 19546'0"155Pasadena, CA US
Pat PutnamLRDecember 3, 19536'0"205Bethel, VT US
Terry PykaRRMarch 12, 19525'10"175San Antonio, TX US
Dave RiveraRRAugust 9, 19575'11"175King City, CA US
Keith SmithRRMay 3, 19535'9"178Palmetto, FL US
Mark SorokoRROctober 22, 19536'3"210North Hollywood, CA US
Rick StelmaszekLROctober 8, 19486'1"195Chicago, IL US
Joseph StewartRRMarch 27, 19565'10"175Lima, OH US
Bobby ThompsonSRNovember 3, 19535'11"175Charlotte, NC US
Mike WallaceLLFebruary 3, 19516'2"190Gastonia, NC US
LaRue WashingtonRRSeptember 7, 19536'0"170Long Beach, CA US

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