Hi Corbett Field

Also Known As: Randolph Field 1928-1951
Location: Tucson, AZ
3400 E. Camino Campestre.
Capacity: 2,500 (1940); 3,500 (1949); 9,200 (1975); 8,000 (1994); 10,055 (2009)
Dimensions (Left, Center, Right): 386-520-349 (1939); 363-498-349 (1940); and 366-392-348 (1991)
The field was built on the site of a city-owned golf course in Randolph Park. The city of Tucson floated a bond issue to fund the park which was the only one in the league with a grass infield. In 1952, the name of the park was changed to Hi Corbett Field in honor of Hiram Corbett, who had helped choose the site, and served as president of the club for many years. Corbett, a ballplayer, himself, in his younger days, later ran the J. Knox Corbett Lumber Company. Lights were installed in 1939. The park was renovated in 1937 & 1993.
Used by: Tucson Missions, Tucson Lizards, Tucson Cowboys, Tucson Toros, Tucson Javelinas

Following are the minor league baseball teams known to have played at Hi Corbett Field:

1997Tucson TorosPacific Coast League6478285,8174,203RosterStats
1996Tucson TorosPacific Coast League7074307,0824,450RosterStats
1995Tucson TorosPacific Coast League8756301,9634,314RosterStats
1994Tucson TorosPacific Coast League8163309,6234,423RosterStats
1993Tucson JavelinasArizona Fall League3217RosterStats
1993Tucson TorosPacific Coast League8360307,7914,461RosterStats
1992Tucson TorosPacific Coast League7074330,1344,927RosterStats
1992Tucson JavelinasArizona Fall League2526RosterStats
1991Tucson TorosPacific Coast League7961317,3474,534RosterStats
1990Tucson TorosPacific Coast League7171238,6293,361RosterStats
1989Tucson TorosPacific Coast League5686186,2702,624RosterStats
1988Tucson TorosPacific Coast League6875173,8892,432RosterStats
1987Tucson TorosPacific Coast League7567157,7442,222RosterStats
1986Tucson TorosPacific Coast League7172116,1171,624RosterStats
1985Tucson TorosPacific Coast League6575128,5401,836RosterStats
1984Tucson TorosPacific Coast League6971124,2321,775RosterStats
1983Tucson TorosPacific Coast League6874167,2312,355RosterStats
1982Tucson TorosPacific Coast League5983196,0092,761RosterStats
1981Tucson TorosPacific Coast League5782188,4882,712RosterStats
1980Tucson TorosPacific Coast League8759207,5912,844RosterStats
1979Tucson TorosPacific Coast League7474175,2132,368RosterStats
1978Tucson TorosPacific Coast League6971120,7441,725RosterStats
1977Tucson TorosPacific Coast League6573123,5201,790RosterStats
1976Tucson TorosPacific Coast League5488102,5141,444RosterStats
1975Tucson TorosPacific Coast League7271170,5212,385RosterStats
1974Tucson TorosPacific Coast League6578165,2212,311RosterStats
1973Tucson TorosPacific Coast League8460233,0043,236RosterStats
1972Tucson TorosPacific Coast League6088136,0501,839RosterStats
1971Tucson TorosPacific Coast League6976166,8792,302RosterStats
1970Tucson TorosPacific Coast League8165164,0722,248RosterStats
1969Tucson TorosPacific Coast League6086105,2071,441RosterStats
1958Tucson CowboysArizona-Mexico League665442,257704RosterStats
1957Tucson CowboysArizona-Mexico League627728,157405RosterStats
1956Tucson CowboysArizona-Mexico League577140,000625RosterStats
1955Tucson CowboysArizona-Mexico League667470,9731,014RosterStats
1954Tucson CowboysArizona-Texas League647660,735868RosterStats
1953Tucson CowboysArizona-Texas League904992,1571,326RosterStats
1952Tucson CowboysArizona-Texas League617868,500986RosterStats
1951Tucson CowboysSouthwest International League687562,841879RosterStats
1950Tucson CowboysArizona-Texas League648661,254817RosterStats
1949Tucson CowboysArizona-Texas League747653,771717RosterStats
1948Tucson CowboysArizona-Texas League786279,3271,133RosterStats
1947Tucson CowboysArizona-Texas League805263,580963RosterStats
1941Tucson CowboysArizona-Texas League8646RosterStats
1940Tucson CowboysArizona-Texas League645943,000699RosterStats
1939Tucson CowboysArizona-Texas League4980RosterStats
1938Tucson CowboysArizona-Texas League5575RosterStats
1937Tucson CowboysArizona-Texas League57588,100141RosterStats
1932Tucson LizardsArizona-Texas League4453RosterStats
1931Tucson MissionsArizona-Texas League7259RosterStats
1930Tucson CowboysArizona State League4560RosterStats
1929Tucson CowboysArizona State League4347RosterStats
1928Tucson CowboysArizona State League3038RosterStats

Attendance listed indicates the total home attendance for the team even if it played in multiple home ballparks or additional cities in the same year.

Average attendance is based on half the team's total games being played at home.

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