1993 Tucson Toros Roster

Pacific Coast League (PCL) - Class: AAA
Team Record: 83-60
Finished 1st in the PCL's South Division
Manager: Rick Sweet (83-60)
Affiliation: Houston Astros
Location: Tucson, Arizona
Ballpark: Hi Corbett Field
Attendance: 307,791, Avg. 4,461 in 69 home dates
1993 Tucson Toros Statistics

Playoffs - Tucson Toros 4 games, Portland Beavers 2

The Tucson Toros of the Pacific Coast League ended the 1993 season with a record of 83 wins and 60 losses, finishing first in the league's South Division.

The Toros led the league with 851 runs. Tucson allowed 762 runs. James Mouton and Orlando Miller paced the team with 16 home runs apiece. Phil Nevin drove in 93 runs. Jim Lindeman topped hitters with significant playing time with a .362 average. Jeff Juden paced the squad with 11 wins, while Shane Reynolds registered a 3.62 earned run average, best among pitchers with enough qualifying appearances.

Players from the 1993 Tucson Toros who spent time in the Majors during their careers included Jeff Robinson, Casey Candaele, Brian Williams, Dave Veres, Terry Mathews, James Mouton, Rick Huisman, Mark Grant, John Hudek, Andy Mota, Donne Wall, Jim Bruske, Tony Eusebio, Mike Capel, Steve Carter, Dean Hartgraves, Todd Jones, Bruce Walton, Tom Edens, Al Osuna, Jim Lindeman, Eric Bell, Mike Brumley, Ray Montgomery, Orlando Miller, Braulio Castillo, Rick Parker, Luis Quinones, Eddie Tucker, Juan Agosto, Phil Nevin, Shane Reynolds, Jeff Juden, Jack Daugherty and Tommy Barrett.

Rick Sweet served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Juan AgostoLLFebruary 23, 19586'2"190Rio Piedras, PR
Willie AnsleyRRDecember 15, 19696'2"200Dallas, TX US
Tommy BarrettSRApril 2, 19605'9"157San Fernando, CA US
Eric BellLLOctober 27, 19636'0"178Modesto, CA US
Mike BrumleySRApril 9, 19635'10"165Oklahoma City, OK US
Jim BruskeRROctober 7, 19646'1"185East St. Louis, IL US
Casey CandaeleSRJanuary 12, 19615'9"160Lompoc, CA US
Mike CapelRROctober 13, 19616'1"175Marshall, TX US
Steve CarterLRDecember 3, 19646'4"201Charlottesville, VA US
Braulio CastilloRRMay 13, 19686'0"160Elias Pina, Elias Pina DO
Fred CostelloRROctober 1, 19666'4"190Clearlake, CA US
Jack DaughertySLJuly 3, 19606'0"188Hialeah, FL US
Eddie DixonRRApril 16, 19646'3"195Dothan, AL US
Tom EdensRRJune 9, 19616'3"185Ontario, OR US
Tony EusebioRRApril 27, 19676'2"180Los Llanos, San Pedro de Macoris DO
Mark GrantRROctober 24, 19636'2"195Aurora, IL US
Dean HartgravesRLAugust 12, 19666'0"185Bakersfield, CA US
John HudekSRAugust 8, 19666'1"200Tampa, FL US
Rick HuismanRRMay 17, 19696'3"200Oak Park, IL US
Bob HurtaLLNovember 17, 19656'1"190
Todd JonesLRApril 24, 19686'3"200Marietta, GA US
Jeff JudenRRJanuary 19, 19716'7"245Salem, MA US
Jim LindemanRRJanuary 10, 19626'1"200Evanston, IL US
John MassarelliRRJanuary 23, 19666'2"200Dover, OH US
Terry MathewsLROctober 5, 19646'2"200Alexandria, LA US
Joe MikulikRROctober 30, 19635'11"180Weimer, TX US
Orlando MillerRRJanuary 13, 19696'1"180Changuinola, PA
Ray MontgomeryRRAugust 8, 19696'3"195Bronxville, NY US
Andy MotaRRMarch 4, 19665'10"180Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional DO
James MoutonRRDecember 29, 19685'9"175Denver, CO US
Phil NevinRRJanuary 19, 19716'2"180Fullerton, CA US
Al OsunaRLAugust 10, 19656'3"200Inglewood, CA US
Rick ParkerRRMarch 20, 19636'0"185Kansas City, MO US
Luis QuinonesSRApril 28, 19625'11"165Ponce, PR
Shane ReynoldsRRMarch 26, 19686'3"210Bastrop, LA US
Jeff RobinsonRRDecember 13, 19606'4"195Santa Ana, CA US
Todd TraftonRRMarch 16, 19646'2"210Elk Grove, CA US
Eddie TuckerRRNovember 18, 19666'2"205Greenville, MS US
Dave VeresRROctober 19, 19666'2"195Montgomery, AL US
Donne WallRRJuly 11, 19676'1"180Potosi, MO US
Bruce WaltonRRDecember 25, 19626'2"195Bakersfield, CA US
Brian WilliamsRRFebruary 15, 19696'3"205Lancaster, SC US
Rodney WindesLLJuly 21, 19666'2"175

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.

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