1957 Victoria Rosebuds Roster

Big State League (BSL) - Class: B
Team Record: 75-49
1st in the BSL
Manager: Lou Rochelli (75-49)
Affiliation: Brooklyn Dodgers
Location: Victoria, Texas
Ballpark: Toros Stadium:
Attendance: 42,378, Avg. 684
1957 Victoria Rosebuds Statistics

Playoffs - Victoria Rosebuds 4 games, Corpus Christi Clippers 1

The Victoria Rosebuds of the Big State League ended the 1957 season with a record of 75 wins and 49 losses, first in the BSL. The team scored 640 runs, while allowing 561 runs. Lou Rochelli served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Joe BaligaRRMarch 20, 19335'10"190
Joseph MathisRR6'5"205
Don MilesLLMarch 13, 19366'1"210Indianapolis, IN US
Robert MillerL5'11"180
Don MustoRRMay 16, 19345'10"175Oakland, CA US
Chris NicolosiSRSeptember 12, 19285'11"165St. Louis, MO US
Bill OlsonLNovember 5, 19356'1"175Los Angeles, CA US
Noel OquendoRR5'10"175
Bob ReasonoverRMay 11, 19326'0"160Nashville, TN US
William RobertsonRJune 6, 19356'0"185Langdale, AL US
Lou RochelliRRJanuary 11, 19196'1"175Staunton, IL US
Pasquale SalernoR5'11"175
Gustave SanciminoRR6'2"200
Tex SannerLLAugust 22, 19206'3"210Geuda Springs, KS US
Edward SassoneRR6'0"190
Robert SedlakRR6'2"190
Andrew VanderveldeLL6'2"175
William WellsRROctober 26, 19346'3"200Miami, FL US
Joe LewisRRMarch 24, 19315'11"175Fall River, MA US
Robert KoczwaraRRJanuary 21, 19355'11"165New Bedford, MA US
Roger JongewaardLRSeptember 3, 19366'1"195, SD US
Arnold BanalsRR6'5"200
Sheldon BrodskyRRSeptember 3, 19366'0"180
Harvey CoombsLL6'0"165
Raul DieppaRRDecember 18, 19345'10"150, CU
Tony DiPrimioRAugust 10, 19305'11"185
Donald DomenichelliRRMarch 2, 19355'9"165San Francisco, CA US
John FaucettR6'0"190
Jim FreemanRRJune 29, 19346'3"190
Dan GattaRRApril 19, 19355'10"185Niles, OH US
Jim GivenRLSeptember 17, 19316'2"185Topeka, KS US
Earl GordenLL6'0"160
Clayton HarrisonR6'1"200
Louis HribarRRDecember 21, 19356'0"185
Donald HuffmanRR5'8"169
Willard HunterRLMarch 8, 19346'2"180Newark, NJ US
Frank JeffersR6'1"190
Marshall JohnsonRR5'11"170
William WerryR5'11"175

Average attendance is based upon the number of actual home dates where known (most leagues from 1992 and later). Where the number of home dates is not known, the average is calculated using half the team's total games.

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