1958 Victoria Rosebuds Roster

Texas League (TL) - Class: AA
Team Record: 68-85
Finished 8th in the TL
Manager: Lou Rochelli (68-85)
Affiliation: Los Angeles Dodgers
Location: Victoria, Texas
Ballpark: Toros Stadium:
Attendance: 79,464, Avg. 1,039
1958 Victoria Rosebuds Statistics

The Victoria Rosebuds of the Texas League ended the 1958 season with a record of 68 wins and 85 losses, finishing eighth in the TL.

The Rosebuds scored 660 runs and yielded 706 runs. Allen Norris led Victoria with 20 home runs, while Don Miles walloped 15 or more as well. Don Miles and Joe Duhem each drove in 77 runs. Tommy Davis paced hitters with significant playing time by connecting at a .304 clip. Chris Nicolosi topped the team with 15 wins and a team-best 3.05 earned run average, best among regular hurlers.

Members of the 1958 Victoria Rosebuds who played in Major League Baseball during their careers were Ramón Conde, Don Miles, Glenn Mickens, Ralph Mauriello, Carl Powis, Roberto Vargas, Tommy Davis, Chuck Templeton, Tim Harkness, Dale Coogan, Frank Baldwin, Bill Tremel and Earl Harrist.

Lou Rochelli served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
James AckeretRRMay 5, 19256'2"195
Arnie AtkinsRRNovember 21, 19235'10"185Muscatine, IA US
Frank BaldwinRRDecember 25, 19285'11"195High Bridge, NJ US
Joe BaligaRRMarch 20, 19335'10"190
Hoyt BenedictRRJuly 12, 19295'11"170
C. B. BeringerRRAugust 14, 19286'0"185Bellwood, NE US
Ron BottlerRRAugust 21, 19336'1"180Portland, OR US
Bobby BoydLRJuly 18, 19305'11"180
Albert CaesarRR6'1"190
Ramón CondeRRDecember 29, 19345'8"172Juana Diaz, PR
Dale CooganLLAugust 14, 19306'1"190Los Angeles, CA US
William DavidsonRRNovember 15, 19355'11"170Oklahoma City, OK US
Tommy DavisRRMarch 21, 19396'2"195Brooklyn, NY US
Richard DuffyLL5'11"180
Joe DuhemRAugust 14, 19315'11"185
John FaucettRRMarch 12, 19286'0"185
Melvin GehoRRSeptember 4, 19356'1"185
Tim HarknessLLDecember 23, 19376'2"182Lachine, QC CA
Earl HarristRRApril 20, 19196'0"175Dubach, LA US
J. W. JonesRR6'0"200
Ralph MaurielloRRAugust 25, 19346'3"195Brooklyn, NY US
Glenn McMinnRRMarch 11, 19336'1"165Chillicothe, TX US
Glenn MickensRRJuly 26, 19306'0"175Wilmar, CA US
Don MilesLLMarch 13, 19366'1"210Indianapolis, IN US
Chris NicolosiSRSeptember 12, 19285'11"165St. Louis, MO US
Allen NorrisRRJuly 13, 19376'3"185Los Angeles, CA US
Larry NovakLROctober 18, 19316'1"195Pocahontas, IL US
William ParsonsLR6'1"180
James PetersonRRFebruary 5, 19346'0"185Fort Worth, TX US
John PfeifferRJuly 5, 19316'1"185Chicago, IL US
Carl PowisRRJanuary 11, 19286'0"185Philadelphia, PA US
Ed RichardsonLRMay 24, 19335'9"165
Neil RobertsRR6'0"185
Donald RussellROctober 25, 19325'10"180
Leo ScarpaRRSeptember 1, 19336'0"180
Robert ShostyRR6'0"180
Lawrence StankeyLLDecember 9, 19336'0"188Joliet, IL US
Sam SuplizioRR5'11"175Du Bois, PA US
Chuck TempletonRLJune 1, 19326'3"210Detroit, MI US
Bill TremelRRJuly 4, 19295'11"180Lilly, PA US
Roberto VargasLLMay 29, 19295'11"170Santurce, PR
Robert WalzLRMay 24, 19316'1"190Jackson, MI US
Mike WarnitskyRR6'0"180
Frank WhiteRRMay 18, 19316'3"190San Francisco, CA US
Don WilliamsRRApril 20, 19365'8"170Mobile, AL US
Derald WootonRRDecember 27, 19336'2"195Wakefield, KS US

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