1928 Wichita Falls Spudders Roster

Texas League (TL) - Class: A
Team Record: 104-56
2nd in the TL
Manager: Carl Williams (0-0), Jim Galloway (0-0)
Affiliation: St. Louis Browns
Location: Wichita Falls, Texas
Ballpark: Spudder Park
Attendance: 103,228, Avg. 1,290
1928 Wichita Falls Spudders Statistics

Playoffs - Houston Buffaloes 3 games, Wichita Falls Spudders 1

The Wichita Falls Spudders of the Texas League ended the 1928 season with a record of 104 wins and 56 losses, second in the TL. Carl Williams and Jim Galloway served as manager.

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Player Bats Throws Birth Date Height Weight Hometown
Rabbit BentonRRSeptember 29, 19015'7"150Cannel City, KY US
Garland OrrLRNovember 6, 19075'9"175
George PayneRRMay 23, 18895'11"172Mount Vernon, KY US
Claude RobertsonRRMay 28, 18895'8"160Greenville, TX US
Ed RoetzRRAugust 6, 19055'10"160Philadelphia, PA US
Bill ShoresRRMay 26, 19046'0"185Abilene, TX US
Doc SmithLR5'11"170
Buck StantonLLJune 19, 19065'10"150Stantonsburg, NC US
Milt SteengrafeRRMay 26, 18986'0"170San Francisco, CA US
Walter Swenson
Pete TurgeonRRJanuary 3, 18975'6"145Minneapolis, MN US
Joe Luciano
Slim LoveLLAugust 1, 18906'7"195Love, MS US
Pete LapanRRJune 25, 18915'7"165Easthampton, MA US
Herb CobbRRAugust 6, 19045'11"150Pinetops, NC US
Joe CobbRRJanuary 24, 18955'9"170Hudson, PA US
Mike CvengrosLLDecember 1, 19005'8"159Pana, IL US
Ross EldredJuly 26, 1892Sacramento, CA US
Tom EstellROctober 27, 18966'0"175
Howard FitzgeraldLLMay 16, 19025'11"163Eagle Lake, TX US
Jim GallowaySRSeptember 16, 18876'3"187Iredell, TX US
Tom JenkinsLRApril 10, 18986'1"174Camden, AL US
Joe KieferRRJuly 19, 18995'11"190West Leyden, NY US
Lyman LambRRMarch 17, 18955'7"150Lincoln, NE US
Carl WilliamsRRFebruary 1, 18966'1"195Newport, TN US

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